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This topic is for the entries for the RED inspired characters for the GAYmak the Rainbow event, where you make a character a day based on the colours of the rainbow, in celebration for Pride month.

Here's the general game plan:
- Character creation must include a small blurb about the character (who they are, description, etc) and a small graphical image of them (this can be a sketch, a sprite, a portrait, edited pre-existing graphics (RTP/rips), an MS Paint image, etc).
- Characters must be based on the colour of that day in some way, shape or form.
- Characters must be your own creation, however they may be part of an already existing 'universe', either fandom or your own.
- Let people know in your character post if you're okay with the character being used by others in the weekend game making event.
- Since this is a Pride event, try to make a character that isn't just a Straight female/male. Mix it up. Try to expand your horizons and push yourself, but remember to be conscientious about your character depictions.
- You will have until the game make weekend starts (30th of June) before the threads get locked, so if your characters aren't in their respective threads by then, you'll miss the badge for that colour day!

By posting a red inspired character in this thread you will receive the RED badge.

Here's some links if you want some ideas for symbolism and the like:


[b]Allowed for use:[/b] Y/N/Ask
"It's frustrating because - as much as Corf is otherwise an irredeemable person - his 2k/3 mapping is on point." ~ psy_wombats

56 (bird years)

Blind Green-winged Macaw

Being blind from birth, it could never see its own beauty and always relied on the verbal confirmation of others to base its own sense of beauty and belonging. After a tragic storm, it became separated from its people and had to make it along on its own. Over time, it began learning magic and used a certain aura to sense the world around it and its true essense shone through in many colors.

It now uses this same aura to read the goodness - or lack thereof - in others and fights to create a world of magnificent color, something pleasing to the eyes it never had. Its incredible abilities and the pureness of its heart has made it a prime leader and it has developed a following of good people who help it in its fight for color, the essense of each a different one from the other, each driven by a need for fellowship.

Allowed for use: Y/N/Ask

Ha, I'm first!... second! ^.^

Name: Amias, Princess of Amor (kingdom name wip XD)

Age: 23

Description: A skilled swordswoman and mage, Amias always keeps up with her training regiment. She's rather sinewy with a well-toned physique as a result. She wears her light brown hair long and drapes it over her right eye when she's not fighting. She wears a grey dress and low hanging red overcoat with a white cravat adorning her chest.

Background: Amias is the vivacious princess of Amor. Her gay younger brother is named Amadeus and her two mothers, Serendipity and Eliza, are the queens of Amor.

Amor is a kingdom love and romance where all sexualities are not only tolerated, but cherished. Despite Amias' rather high opion of her country, she does see in it one flaw; while all sexualities are cherished, the lack of sexuality is deeply stigmatized as inhuman and soulless. Amias, herself an Asexual, becomes increasingly discontented with this as she competes against her brother Amadeus in order to determine who will inherit the crown.

Allowed for use: Yes, go for it!

The TM is for Totally Magical.
Name: Colonel Crimson

Age: 52

Description: Large, intimidating army man.

Background: Having served all of his life, he's seen plenty of action and believes he knows what makes a man. His father was very much the same. A religious man from a religious family, he also believes he knows what should not make a man and has no trouble voicing his opinion on it. The result: if his personal assistant, Private Periwinkle had ever planned on coming out of the closet, he is now terrified to do so.

Allowed for use: Yes!


Name: Brim

Age: Null

Description: A time traveling entity whose form is passed on to whoever kills her.

Background: Brim was formed when she traveled back in time and was killed by a person, who then took on the form of Brim. Many years later Brim traveled back in time and was killed by the same person; her past self, who then took on the form of Brim. This loop will continue on forever without end.

Allow for use: Sure, but I ask that you not use the provided background with whatever story you may put her in.

I made this character to be based from my game, Scarlet Twilight.

Name: Logan

Age: 20 Year Old

Description: Adventurous, risk-taker, and energetic. Known to be extremely lucky.

Background: "One of Hugo's associates from Oasia, Logan is known to be wild and adventurous, usually risking safety over experience. They don't exactly identify as either gender, though is usually mistaken for a boy due to their rugged physique. Logan considers themselves asexual, since they never sport romantic feelings, which is ironic for the color the character wears. They are more known to have an unusual amount of good luck, finding more riches than other thieves."

Allowed for use: Not allowed unless I give permission!


Hopefully, this was submitted on time...! :/
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
Name: Cuckoo

Age: 27

Description: A sherbet red owl wearing an orange-ish red hoodie, a white t-shirt and dark gray pants. He acts cold and unfriendy, though he is very wise.

Sexuality/Gender: Gay/Male

Background: He's upset that there's not shoes for birds (there probably are, but I'm too lazy to draw them). He is one of the forest animals. He doesn't have a cool backstory or anything.

Allowed for use: I'd prefer if you didn't, sorry ^^;


Digital Drawing (BIG!)
Would you believe that Red was originally suppose to look kinda like Robbie Rotten?
Red Greyson


Asexual, pan-romantic, non-binary, tall, and almost entirely bald.

Red grew up on a distant temperate world notable for housing the people that 'discovered' Earth.
Luckily for Red they grew up in genderless culture so they never had a problem with identity, it was only when Red joined the Galactic Corps experienced discrimination. Red was only in the Corps for a few years before he left to become a independent bounty hunter.

Allowed for use:


Name:Red (former name: ???)
Theme Song:

Description:A young, lean and slightly built man. He dresses simply in black.

Before it all happened he lead a normal, happy life as a med student. He's now looking for something... Or someone, and that's all that matters to him.
Perpetually stern and grim, not a man of much words. No one knows the reason to his guarded nature, but few are his moments of tenderness -- when even a guard as sturdy as his falls down.

By the end of the event I'll submit all characters officially as resources!
Name: Monique
Description: Long wavy black hair, brown eyes, short but curvy.
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Asexual
Background: As Monique was growing up she realised that there might be something different about her - whilst most girls her age were drooling over guys, she found herself ignoring them instead. Her love was reading and music.

Everything fell into place for her at a party when she hooked up with the cutest guy ever and found the aftermath to be rather... meh, to be honest. It wasn't that she hadn't enjoyed the sex, but it wasn't really something she found herself wanting to repeat, either. In fact, she could take it or leave it.

Two years later she found love with a young man called Eric, and though she enjoyed the romance of the relationship, she wasn't really enamoured of the more sexual side, though she tried, for his sake. Things came to a head when he asked her to marry him and she felt she had to come clean about her feelings. Thankfully Eric, whilst a bit upset about the face that the woman he loved didn't really enjoy any sexual activities, truly did love her and together they decided to see if they could make a(n almost) sexless relationship work.

And work it did, though it took a lot of work on both their parts to do so, they soon found a rhythm that worked for them - especially after meeting Miriam. Despite their family's nay-saying, both Monique and Eric fell for the girl and ended up adding her to their relationship. She provided Eric with the sexual satisfaction he had been missing, and Monique with a sympathetic and understanding ear and heart.

Together the three remain united.

Allow for Use: Sure.

Name: Becky Parker

Age: 32

Description: Transgender female / pansexual. Long straight red hair tied in a ponytail. Friendly in person but very humble and reserved in public, despite the celebrity status. Wears sunglasses as part of her group's image.

Becky is the lead singer of the all-female pop-rock band Smash 1K, one of the most popular rock groups on the planet. Having grown up in a small seaside town, she moved to the capital city and entered college, where she met her future band mates. Despite the initial lack of success, the group managed to eventually rise in popularity, largely thanks to their viral hit song "Redboat". Becky's soulful falsetto and complex lyricism have managed to capture the hearts of millions of fans, and she has since became one of the pop culture icons of her generation.

Allowed for use: Y


Name: Denise Wellbright

Age: 28

Description: A Dancer's physique, blonde hair with half of her head shaved.

Background: Denise learned at a young age by watching her mother how to manipulate guys. After she reached her early twenties she became a dancer and used her charm to get what she wanted. She was well-renowned but it always seemed hollow to her. She was missing something in her life that she just couldn't figure out. She had the success, the passion, and the wealth. She started to become more reckless and rebellious in the the pursuit of this fulfillment. That is when she met Clare.

Allowed for use: Y


Name: Ahlyn
Age: 32

A blood mage with short, fair hair and a passion to use her skills to help others. Wears overly flashy clothes and moves with a confidence and flair that's generally frowned upon by other mages. Is quite a bit extra and every bit a hand talker. Outgoing and an open flirt towards all genders.

Ahlyn comes from a secluded village that dedicated itself to its bloodmagic craft. She was meant to succeed her father as village chief, however between her father refusing to accept her gender and her desire to see bloodmagic used to help those outside of the village, her younger brother succeeded her instead and she was sent into exile. A fate that suit her quite fine. Freed from the expectations of her village, Ahlyn now travels the area using her magic as she pleases and living as the person she knows she is.

Allowed for use: Yes! But if you use her, please let me know :)

Name: Hexy

Description: She's the pink hexagon with the bow in the character set.

Background: Hexy is a bright, cheery hexagon with some issues about the slight irregularity of her sides. She loves her friends and video games. She still hasn't applied for her Relationship License yet.

Allowed for use: Sure, why not

Name: Vermilia
Age: 17
Identifies as: Pansexual female.
Vermilia is a sporty girl with long, pale blond hair and red eyes. She loves spending time with her friends and tends to spend more time out with her friends than at home.
Vermilia was born into a strongly protestant family. She always stuck out because of her albinism and was often bullied for it throughout primary and middle school.
When she was 13 years old, she first realised that she didn't only like boys but was also into girls. She kept it a secret for two years until she finally found the courage to tell her family. Unfortunately, her parents and brother were not as accepting as she had hoped.
The past two years, her relations with her family have been strained, so she prefers to spend as much time away from home as possible. Luckily her friends from school and from tennis are completely fine with her sexuality and are always there for her when she wants to be away from home.

Allowed for use: Sure
They told me I was mad when I said I was going to create a spidertable. Who’s laughing now!!!
I hope you all enjoy my characters. I have chosen to go with a theme of "Castlevania but extremely gay and kind of soap opera-y because it's me."

Name: Poppy

Age: ???

A mysterious beauty with a parasol and a sweet smile, Poppy shows up in unexpected places to aid the heroes with information or items.

Gender: Ladytype

Sexuality: Like... she might be flirting with Amber? It's hard to tell. Poppy is an enigma.

The estranged daughter of Count Jacinthus.

Allowed for use: DO IT

Stand back. Artist at work. I paint with enthusiasm if not with talent.
Name: Crimmy

Age: 14

Description: A young novice painter.

Background: Crimmy is perhaps too young to understand the nuances of human relationships, but what they do understand is their desire to paint pretty people in beautiful shades of red, the problem is that Crimmy really needs a haircut and can't see due to their hair being over their eyes.

Allowed for use: ye

You're magical to me.
Name: Sherise

Age: 24

Description: Uses physical skills boosted with magic and assist spells. Decent ATK, High MAT, Decent AGI, Decent MDF, Low DEF, Low LUCK

Background: After failing to be recruited as a Priestess of the Undying Sun, she became an adventurer traveling the world, looking for relics of her religion in the lost world. Takes skills she learned in priestess training and puts a new spin on them, incorporating them into unique attacks. She is very passionate about seeing new lands and people and their ways and traditions.

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Gay

Allowed for use: Yes, Please Do ^_^


Guardian of the Description Thread
I'm going to be a terrible person, and throw SuikoProject characters this way.

Name: Ash

Age: 35

Owner of a no-nonsense personality, and tends to take "yes" as an answer.

Her fate is guided by Tenei, the Heroic Star.

A wizard traveling the world studying Runes, and their effects. More interested in knowledge above all things, she bears an Earth Rune to help protect her against the inevitable dangers she's bound to come across while in search of such knowledge.

Some time after the fighting over the throne of Baclyae commences, she manages to sneak into the Imperial Library. When the castle is taken by a group unrelated to any of the noble houses, she meets a person bearing a True Rune. More interested in studying the Rune than anything else, she accepts an offer to join their cause.

Allowed for use: Sure, why not.

Sorry for my weird English.

Name: Lily South

Age: 19

Description: Cheerful girl who always wear her favorite red shoes.

Background: Lily loves everything cute, boys, girls, and cakes. She is brave and sometimes a little impatient. Her father owns a restaurant, but she dreams to have her own bakery shop.

Allowed for use: Yes


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