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This topic is for the entries for the PINK inspired characters for the GAYmak the Rainbow event, where you make a character a day based on the colours of the rainbow, in celebration for Pride month.

Here's the general game plan:
- Character creation must include a small blurb about the character (who they are, description, etc) and a small graphical image of them (this can be a sketch, a sprite, a portrait, edited pre-existing graphics (RTP/rips), an MS Paint image, etc).
- Characters must be based on the colour of that day in some way, shape or form.
- Characters must be your own creation, however they may be part of an already existing 'universe', either fandom or your own.
- Let people know in your character post if you're okay with the character being used by others in the weekend game making event.
- Since this is a Pride event, try to make a character that isn't just a Straight female/male. Mix it up. Try to expand your horizons and push yourself, but remember to be conscientious about your character depictions.
- You will have until the game make weekend starts (30th of June) before the threads get locked, so if your characters aren't in their respective threads by then, you'll miss the badge for that colour day!

By posting a pink inspired character in this thread you will receive the PINK badge.

Here's some links if you want some ideas for symbolism and the like:


[b]Allowed for use:[/b] Y/N/Ask

Guardian of the Description Thread
Name: Beatrice

Age: 17

A naive, if overbearing woman who is never afraid to speak her mind.

A woman of high birth, Beatrice has lived a sheltered life. For the most part, she has gotten her way via childish tantrums, but, that tactic was ineffective when learning of a marriage that was arraigned for her moments after her birth. In a fit of rebellion, she slipped by the guards, and left her family's estate without any idea of what it would be like outside of it.

She meets a like-minded man by the name of Melvin, and the take to traveling together. She may think him below her station, but, he's good company all the same. If only those annoying money-lenders that are nigh-constantly on their tail knew who they were dealing with, though. Really, do they not know who she is?

Her fate is guided by Chikai, the Star of Gathering.

Allowed for use: Yeah

The TM is for Totally Magical.
Name: Momoiro

Age: 24

Description: Omnisexual Pop star.

Background: Momoiro, of course, isn't her real name. It's Aoki Sayo, but very few people except her most dedicated fans know it. She was living in a small town in the middle of nowhere as a young girl, writing songs and posting them on Youtube. When she was 17, her song, "Love Me Bad" went viral and people all across the country began downloading it. Becoming an internet sensation, entertainment agents fell over each other trying to be the one to make her the next pop superstar. Within six months, she had her first album with "Love Me Bad" and "Clear Distortion" trading places as number one chart toppers.

Suddenly thrust into the limelight, she sort of lost her head for awhile, her newfound fame allowing her to explore her sexual appetites in a way ordinary life would never allow. While the media was scrutinizing her romantic dalliances with both genders, and reporting on everything they could find out, Momoiro also began to experiment with drugs, which are unfortunately easy to come by in the music industry (and their use even encouraged). After nearly a year of drug abuse, she was hospitalized for an overdose that nearly killed her. She's been clean ever since, insisting that her only remaining addiction is sex. She released her second album and the hit single "Disinformation Overload" spent more than a month at the top of the charts. Working on her third album, she decided it was time for an official cover of one of her favorite songs. Her cover of Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit" earned her her first Grammy.

Allowed for use: Yes


They told me I was mad when I said I was going to create a spidertable. Who’s laughing now!!!
Name: Azalea

Age: 20

A slender and shy- but curious- gorgon. She loves singing and wants more than anything to become an opera singer.

Gender: Ladytype

Sexuality: Asexual

One of Count Jacinthus's monstrous servants, albeit not the most enthusiastic. She's just not really into the whole panic and chaos and destruction thing. :(

Allowed for use: DO IT

(I decided to do a magical demigirl to go along with Jo's magical girls XD)

Name: Magical Demigirl Aoi

Age: 19

Description: A magical demigirl. Despite being an enby (nonbinary person) she still appreciates feminine aesthetic and answers to both they and she pronouns.
After transformation, she wears a romper with white and pink gloves and light pink boots with heels. She draws her power from her flower themed staff.

Background: For a time, Aoi practiced witchcraft alone in her search for the power to help others. Although good for some subtle good, she Aoi always had a flair for the extravagant. So, it is understandable that when she was offered the power of the Macigal Demigirl from Magical Demigirl Yui she jumped at the chance.

Unbeknownst to Aoi, Yui was no friend to her.

Allowed for use: okee
Guardian of the Description Thread
Upon more thought, it just doesn't seem likely that Beatrice would be running from an arraigned marriage at thirty-four. Seventeen, however, might be a bit more likely, though!
You're magical to me.
Name: Arielle

Age: 16

Description: A witch's apprentice who fights with a broom and naturally boosts the power of healing items and can mix powerful and useful potions in battle. Very high MDF, high MAT, decent AGI, Luck. Low ATK and DEF.

Background: An apprentice to the Earth Witch, Madelaine, Arielle has shown an amazing skill at brewing potions and creating remedies, enchanting herbs and liquids with potent healing nature magic. While she lives in the Blessed Geneva Tree with Madelaine, she often travels to nearby towns to sell her remedies and takes requests from townspeople with ailments that normal medicine can't cure.

Loves to help people but is overly curious and a bit of a busybody who has a bad habit of butting in to other people's troubles if she thinks she can help.

Gender: Trans Female

Sexuality: Gay

Allowed for use: Yes, Please Do ^_^


"It's frustrating because - as much as Corf is otherwise an irredeemable person - his 2k/3 mapping is on point." ~ psy_wombats


Dragon Fruit Cactus

Born from the earth, the cactus had always known that its harvest would be stripped from it, but in its service it was content. The macaw came upon this cactus in its flight and noticed that it had a different color of aura from the rest. It knew this one was special, so it flew down to it and spoke to it.

It responded with a rustling of its stems. Whenever the macaw spoke, it would rustle one way or another. The macaw rested in the shadow of the cactus and the its aura grew a more vibrant pink as was the fruit of its harvest. Simple selfless devotion was this sprout's gift to the world and it became the symbol of the macaw and its friends.

The few creatures became wiser as they meditated in the shadow of the sprout.

Allowed for use: Y/N/Ask

Name: Flamego (real name Matías Rodriguez Cabrera)

Age: 47

Description: Bisexual man. Intelligent and hardworking, but very shy and socially awkward.

Flamego is one of the founding members of CIX, world's first and currently the most popular superhero team. Albeit a subject of ridicule from most casual fans due to his poor communication skills, absence of superpowers, relative lack of athletic ability, cheap-looking costume and the fact that he's a flamingo-themed hero, Flamego is a well-respected figure among colleagues and experts alike, recognized as one of the smartest superheroes in the scene and having played a key role in some of the Earth's most important battles.

Allowed for use: Y

A very different kind of character for a colour that doesn't occur in the rainbow =P

Name: Fenhua
Age: 15
Identifies as: Female. (Sexuality unknown)
Fenhua is a troubled young girl with dark brown hair and black eyes. She suffers from clinical lycanthropy and has episodes during which she believes she has transformed into a fox.
Fenhua was born in China, but was put up for adoption soon after birth. At the age of two, she was adopted by a family in the US. Her adoptive parents, however, were not as fit as they made themselves out to be and often abused Fenhua.
Fenhua had a tough childhood and developed some psychological problems. At the early age of 13, her first episodes of lycanthropy started. Her parents decided to lock her up inside, which caused her situation to deteriorate. One day, Fenhua managed to escape home and fled into the forest near town, where she's lived ever since. She rarely ever seeks contact with other humans and lives in a secluded hut hidden away inside the forest. She typically survives on trash she finds in town at night and small animals she manages to catch in the forest.

Allowed for use: Sure
Name: Heartthrob

Description: He's the light-pinked heart-shaped guy in the charset.

Background: No one knows the true motives between the mysterious assassin Heartthrob! He comes and goes like the night. So why has he been hanging out around the mayor recently?

Allowed for use: Sure, why not

Name: Fuchsia

Age: 22 Years Old

Description: A female with no stated sexual orientation. Hopeful, stoic, and rather energetic. Can lean between being heterosexual or bisexual.

Background: "Fuchsia is a girl who is not sure about her own sexual orientation, but is not too concerned about it at the current moment. Fuchsia is considered a half-faerie, due to the fact that she can cast certain magic spells that humans are unable to, but from which parent she gets it from is unknown. She is more of a forward person, and very compassionate. She and Victoria have become fast friends due to their similar natures."

Allowed for use: Not allowed for use unless I give permission!

Name: Modl (Manifestation of broken love)

Gender: Agender
Sexuality: Asexual

Description: Surrounds they're skeletal frame with a cape representing the colour of passion and pain. Wields a scythe with which they cut the binds that tie one heart to another. They have no gender but love all and every romantic.

Background: The physical manifestation of dead love, they cut the cords that bind one heart to another after the love has died on one side. Surprisingly sentimental, even though they don't talk much. Incredibly protective of the hearts that belong together, often putting off cutting the connection between them as much as possible - sometimes going as far as to try and knot the broken cords back together in the hopes that things will work out between the broken loves. Very quick to cut the bindings of those who should never have been together, though sometimes those can be the most stubborn to break.

Allowed for use: Sure

Name: Momoe

Age: 190 years, mentally 15

Description: A stunningly beautiful digital girl, loves her master no matter what gender, can hacks various systems, wear a headphone in a ribbon model in her head. Love having fun and singing all day long, but a bit shy?

Background: Created long ago by an otaku programmer for the sole purpose of singing while storing lost of music inside her database. As time goes by, she moved to the internet and let people rent her for various purposes.
She have lots of songs, mainly Japanese vocaloids, and that's quite rare in the era she's living now, and she became a well-known digital diva. She's actually pretty shy when alone or not in front of many audience.

Allowed for use: Yes, if you ask me and gave credits >.<

Stand back. Artist at work. I paint with enthusiasm if not with talent.
Name: Pinku the Sausage Dog

Age: 3 dog years

Description: A little daschund.

Background: Pinku is one weird dog. It has no defined sexual preference, for it will hump anything that moves. And things that don't move. It's owners dyed it's fur pink and Pinku seems to like it. He loves pedigree chum.

Allowed for use: Ye


They told me I was mad when I said I was going to create a spidertable. Who’s laughing now!!!

Theme Song:
Name: ????? (Pink)
Age: 24
Description: A software engineer, he is somewhat of a scared person in life, who doesn't take risks. He hasn't quite came out of the closet yet (but to a few very close friends) and is afraid of what his parents would do if they found out, especially since he's so connected to his family. His handful of friends are what keeps him going for the day. Maybe something needs to shake up his life...
Allowed for use: PLS DO
Sorry for my weird English.

Name: Lanhua

Age: -

Description: Lanhua is a pink fluffy ball creature with googly eyes.

Background: Legend has it that Lanhua is a spirit born from the soul of a young girl who died of a broken heart. If a boy sees it, it's a sign that a girl is attracted to him. But if a girl sees it, it's a sign that she'll fall in love with another girl.

Allowed for use: Yes




Description:Gay, Female, Hairpoofs so you can't see anything other then hair

Background:She started growing her hair out 50 years ago and now she has dyed it for Valentine's Day but the color lasts forever and now she can't go back.

Allowed for use:
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