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Sorry. This seems really simple, but I just can't get it to work. A glitch maybe. I'm at a loss.

The event will run on the first turn, but not on subsequent turns.

"turn 0 + 1*X should be once every turn"
I have the same problem as the the person in that thread. The event will run on the first turn, but not on subsequent turns. It's not triggering at all.

My idea was to manipulate party AGI to change who goes first every turn. Setting it up was really confusing. :p But because of how confusing it is, at first I thought I must have set it up incorrectly or something. But even if I add text boxes to the event, they don't show up after the first turn, which means the event is not being triggered in the first place. It's not that my event isn't working as intended, but that it won't even start.

One of the users in that thread suggests that scripts are somehow causing it. Please tell me that isn't the case!

Somewhere along the line I began to try and be specific when naming the scripts, so I always remember what they're for. So hopefully that image is at least somewhat informative.

On second thought maybe I don't need to know how to solve this.
I try to avoid asking the forum for help unless absolutely necessary. Because otherwise I'd be doing it constantly and would probably end up spamming the forum. If I don't know something I'd rather just find another way. Plus it's more rewarding to do things yourself.
So why did I make this thread? Because I sort of assumed my game absolutely needs to have this mechanic. So I hit the panic button. (aka "create new thread") But maybe I can just have enemies go first and give the player skills/items that temporarily increase their AGI. This might actually suit the game better than an event that switches who goes first.
But if I do that then I have no idea what I'll do about a turn system in future games. But I guess for now I shouldn't be worrying about that and just focus on finishing this one.
I guess I should still want to know how to fix this, though, just so I'm armed with that knowledge. Not like I can delete this thread. (nor would I really want to)
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Dumb question: What is the span of the event? Is it Moment (is executed once the conditions are met, then never again), Turn (is executed once per turn, so long as the condition is met), or Moment (is repeatably executed as long as the conditions are met)?
Span is set to "Battle", I actually didn't bother trying out the other two options because I had assumed it should work on Battle.

ok I got it to work.
God I feel stupid. :p

Setting it to "turn" and condition to "actor is at 100% or less HP" did the trick.
I wonder if replacing the HP requirement with 0+1*1 or 1+1*1 would work just fine, as long as it's set to "turn".
"Battle" clearly states the event will happen only once in the entire battle.

God I feel stupid. But now I know the answer to the problem so it was all worth it in the end. *shrugs*
Thanks Marrend!
Guardian Ghost of the Description Thread
Right, the option that executes the code once ever is "Battle". So, once per battle. My derp-fail for typing "Moment" twice. :P
Well you pointed me toward it. It also doesn't hurt that RPGM explains the choices when you mouseover it. It's a great feature that really pulled through for me this time.

*gasp* I am praising RPG Maker??

I'm considering having an on-screen icon showing whose turn it is. But would that really work well? I wonder...
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