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Yes, here it is! With a big fancy logo and finally some aspects figured out, here is an official thread for a new chain game project! This will be a game project that requires assistance from the community of the site, especially since it's a bit oddball in it's nature. It's going to be different in it's scope and how it's executed, but I believe this is a chance to create something unlike other titles on site.

Current List of creators:

Q: Wait, so what is a "chain game"? Is it related to a chain gang?

A: Essentially, it's a game created in a round-robin fashion. A member of the project will create a "chapter", which will be a section of the game that they have practically full control over in it's craft. After finishing the chapter, they'll hand their chapter off to the next member whose been scheduled to do so through the project, and that member will have practically full control over their "chapter" like the member before them and have to continue the game's story forward. They then hand their "chapters" off to the next member, along with the previous members' and so on, until a full game is created! Basically, it's a game with multiple creators crafting the project!

(And yeah, no relation to a chain gang.)

Q: That sounds like that could be a bit of a mess...

A Yes, undeniably that's what happens when you let a bunch of cooks in the kitchen (or a bunch of game creators in on a project). But the chaos is part of the fun! Still, I'm going out of my way to try to plan it so this project will be finished with ease. For example, all "chapters" will be backed up and uploaded on a file sharing system of some sort through development, so if someone happens to back-out for whatever reason their progress along with others will be saved. Along with that, at a certain point members will be unable to join as a full "chapter creator" for the project (as too many creators would make could lead to things getting too crazy!), but members can still sign up to be "back-up creators" and be notified if someone drops out so that they can take their place.

I'm trying to make the project as easy for everyone involved as possible, along with . Any feedback or suggestion on how to do that are welcome.

Q: What is this dab-nabbity project being made in?

A: For this project, creators will be using RPG MAKER VX ACE to create and share their "chapters".

Q: Okay, you have my interest. Well what is required of someone if they want to join this project?

A: Well, every creator contributing to the project will have to map out their chapter and fill it with the proper events to tell the story. This does not include enemy encounters, as those will be added after the game finishes going through all the various creators. This is more for balancing purposes for the game and to allow for others to contribute (as mentioned in an answer below), thus those contributing will mainly be in charge of the story. This doesn't mean you can't create puzzles, quests, or brief changes in gameplay genres however!

After all chapters are finished, if anyone is wanting to work on gameplay that is more then welcome! I'm trying to create a reasonable goal for this project, however, and thus focus on story elements first seemed more plausible to be actually finished. To tie the story together though, I do have some guidelines.

Q: What? More guidelines and rules to this nonsense?

A: Yeah, yeah. I know, more "guidelines" to this project. But I want to make this interesting and fun, and I couldn't help myself from thinking about a few ways to do that. These are what will be required to be included in your "chapter" if you're a creator.

1. Every creator has to create a character that will become a main playable character for the game's party. This will be done before anyone starts works on their "chapters". Also, a creator's character can appear and be part of the narrative before that creator's turn to create a chapter.

2. Every creator's "chapter" must end with a cliffhanger of some sort, that the next creator's chapter of the game will have to resolve in some manner.

3. Every creator will be assigned with lyrics of R.E.M.'s IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD and have to adapt the lyrics into their "chapter" in some manner. The song will be adapted in order, so a creator's assigned part of the game will come with lyrics. So, in a way, by the time the project is finished the whole song will have been adapted! And for those unfamiliar with the song.

4. Unrelated to the plot, but the game will be created using GameBoy Color graphics. This will just be to give creators an ease of time creating assets for the game, and a unified look.

I'm trying to not plan the plot too far in advance, and leave things in the air enough so other creator's can do what they want. This may lead to things going a bit off the rails, but that's the fun! It'll be interesting to see where the story goes by the end of things.

Q: Speaking of the story, what is the game about?

A: The game is being left open for others to shape how they want. However, the game starts as follows (please read in 90's movie trailer narrator voice):

It was a normal Monday, which is to say, it was already not a great day. A man gets out of bed, and struggling to stay awake and dressed in only his jammies, he attempts to make himself some tea. Seeing a mess outside through the window he goes to chew out their neighbors (if there is something wrong happening outside, it's usually them), only to be welcomed by the entire obliteration of the planet.

The first chapter opens with him waking up on a whole new world, and I'l be creating both the brief prologue and the first chapter, before handing them off to the next creator.

Q: Woah Nelly! This is a lot! What if I want to contribute without all of...that?

Don't worry! I'm trying to leave a bunch of doors open for those wanting to contribute but for whatever reason aren't able to take on the whole title of "main creator". This will be to site-wide open submissions for monster designs, areas and maps, or maybe even a challenge to see who can make the best soundtrack through using the Mario Paint Composer program? Eh? Eh? Well, anyways, I have a ton of ideas that I think can be fun, so don't worry about missing out on contributing. But,still, most of the shaping of the game will be done by creators.

So c'mon, let's all make a game together. Sign up to be given a chapter, or ask any questions and give any suggestions. This is basically just an open thread to discuss the project.

Also for those who are wanting to follow the development of the game more closely as it unfolds there is a discord.
Just in case I have to put it in writing - sign me up Brotagonist.
I will fight lack of motivation for this
I love chain games, the theme here look pretty neat as well. My question though - how is the handoff managed? Is there a strict deadline or time limit or whatever for each? I'm a big believer in time constraints haha (plus the last chain game I was on died pretty soon after someone missed the two week not-a-deadline guidance). Even if not, what's time per chapter look like?
Each "creator" will have either 3-4 weeks to complete their portion of the game. I'm thinking around 1ish hours each chapter? I'm mean, it'll be hard to gauge because we're focusing on doing the story elements, and puzzles/other gameplay elements besides battle first, and leaving areas open for battles to be implemented afterwards. Thus, I'm not going to be too tight on length of chapters, as long as their is content and effort put into them. Y'know, quality over quantity. These may lead to discrepancies and odd pacing issues, but eh, this whole project is experimental in nature.
You're added to the list. Welcome to the M.O.N.D.A.Y.Z. creator club, brother.

Also, I'm going to make the cutoff to joining be after Sunday of next week. If someone wants to join afterwards, it'll be very unlikely. That's purely to keep the creator count manageable, and also so all creators can create their playable character role in advance.
Heh, why not, count me in coach. I'll try to make the most unnecessarily complicated retconning plotline I can. Time to channel my inner Hideo Kojima. (joking)

Anyways, is there still place for little 'ol me?
Sure! Right now we're trying to assemble gameboy color tilesets and resources! So any help would go a long way!
I'd be interested too, but first, (if you could add this to your FAQ) what's really the scope of the game? How long will it be in the making? And how long do you suppose the game would last for the player? Also nice choice for the song.
The scope is flexible. Everyone will have 3-4 weeks to work on the project, and I'm aiming for less then 10 hours total for the game(?) to last for the player. You're right, I should add this to my FAQ.

Right now I'm finishing up a week long project for a game jam, and by the end of this week the time to join will be closed. I've started ahead on my part of the project already, and will try to pass it off as quickly as possible for those fellow members in this project.
"nothing can beat the power of gay"?
Can I join too plz?

Actually... on another thought I might not have enough free time to work on this so... can I contribute then?
I would have more makerscore If I did things.
I'd love to join!
You're all in! Kand, if you change your mind before Sunday you'll be added to the list. Otherwise we'd love to have any help you can offer. And wow, this thing is becoming way more successful then I thought (or at least, in it's planning stage).

Now, I have to figure out if for story order I'll be doing it by order of how people have signed up or by a random number generator. Decisions, decisions.
Alright, forget what I said earlier, I'm in :)

Question about the graphics styles though, when u say gbc graphics do u mean just the color palette or overall sprite drawing style? And Is there an example by which we can use as reference?

Welcome to the team Kand! Man, I probably should give the forum time to breath and not be posting after every single person...oh well. For GBC I was just trying to make things easy tileset and charset wise. For an example of style, here is the room I'm in middle of working on right now (Rough W.I.P.):

So it's a very loose guideline, if that example proves anything.
I would have more makerscore If I did things.
So, we're all gonna get access to these graphics and need to use them in our chapter, yeah?
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