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So, the VX ACE RTP contains sprites for a few different child characters, but it's a pretty limiting set. I can do recolors, but my sprite art skills are, to put it charitably, pretty shitty. Are there any resources which can generate sprites from the template used for existing RTP children, or at least give options for different base outfits I can mess around with?
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Natively, not really. The character generator in ace works only for standard sprites.

Have you checked Game Character Hub? I have it but i havent installed it even once so i'm not sure if it has a generator for child ace sprites.

You could also commission someone to draw some kid outfits for your game if you wanted original sprites. I know I'd be able to do it once i redrew the child base haha.
I considered getting the Game Character Hub a while back, but I decided I didn't strictly need it at least yet, so I thought it would be better at the time to focus on doing what I could with the resources which were already available to me. If you or anyone else who's already spent the money on it could let me know whether it actually offers those resources, that would probably decide for me whether or not it's actually worth getting.

Strictly speaking, I still don't really need the wider variety of child sprites yet, but at a point not too far off, I'm going to be working on a locale in my game where the native population is neither white nor strictly human, and the population is demographically bottom-heavy (making a game which features these kind of worldbuilding details is my idea of fun) so I feel like logically child NPCs should feature more there than in previous parts of the game, but the default sprites don't give me a lot to work with.

I could maybe commission someone if there are people who do sprite commissions for cheap, but after already commissioning someone to create the title screen for the game, my bank account could use some time to recover.
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