There are plenty of Final Fantasy games, which one is your favorite? I have a huge list right here and tried not to leave anything out. Feel free to discuss and talk about your favorite! - Results

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My favorite FF's are XV and XII.

- I loved the Characters
- I loved the open world
- The soundtrack was amazing
- I liked the combat

Dislikes on XV
the story was a mess, and no I haven't seen the movie.
Side quests were boring

XII (haven't finished this one yet, but here's my opinion so far)

- I love the characters, probably more so than XV, Balthier and Fran has to be some of my favorite characters in video games

- The soundtrack is freaking amazing

- The battle system is a lot of fun.

Dislikes on XII
How much grinding you have to do, I would say you need to grind more in this game than a lot of FF games. This goes for the original ps2 version, I haven't played the ps4 remaster yet.
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Crystal Chronicles.

You wish I was kidding.

I would need to play a lot more of them to choose otherwise.
5, 7, & 9

-Job System HELL YEAH
-Cool Old Man
-Villain is a tree

-Personal association with identity issue storyline
-Great sci-fi/fantasy/mystery atmosphere + flavour
-Childhood nostalgia

-Rat Butt
-Excellent first disc story
-Beautifully rendered world, good character design

Saying "good soundtrack" is redundant since basically every main series FF has a good soundtrack
I'd have to say that my favorite is III(J). I liked III for how many ways you could approach structure in the party. I'd been experimenting with no white magic last time I played... a good challenge. I haven't played any Final Fantasy over VII except for IX. I tended to like the job-oriented games, or the games where you can customize your party, better than the games where your party is fixed, or has so much customization that its members could be indistinguishable.
Nothing reveals Humanity so well as the games it plays. A game of betrayal, where the most suspicious person is brutally murdered? How savage.
Hard to choose between 5, 6 and 9 for me. I'm a guy whose enjoyment of a game is very heavily influenced by music and villains though, so I'll focus on that.

Went with 6. but I'm not really able to say why. I love Kefka and Dancing Mad is the best final battle theme in the entire series, but I love Gilgamesh more than I love Kefka, and 9 also has some amazing music. (Vamo' alla Flamenco, Crossing those Hills just to name two) I just like 6 a bit better than all around than 5 and 9, I guess.

Honorable mentions: 2 and 10. Emperor Mateus is probably my favourite villain in the entire series, but the game's wonky levelling system puts it below the top 3. 10 has amazing music and battle system. But 10 is also criminally linear, which puts it below the top 3.
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VII - You never forget your first.

Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 - Well, maybe 1 moreso than 2, but all of the options that these games offered for exploration were amazing, even if the world (or worlds) wasn't quite as open as other FF's were.

VI - Clearly, Sakaguchi, Uematsu, Kitasi, and Ito were at the top of their game with this one. VII may be my favorite, but I have a hard time arguing that VI isn't the best.

X - When this came out, I pretty distinctly remember this being a time where the technology and the mood of the average gamer had changed to the extent that it just didn't make sense anymore to maintain the old gaming styles that were so prevalent in older 2D games. VII, VIII, and IX may have been 3D, but they hadn't capitalized on what that technology offered. For me, X knocked it out of the park. Of course, this game had its issues, not the least of which was it's linearity, but it really felt like those issues could mostly be blamed on the fact that the developers were experimenting with a new style and didn't completely understand where they could go with it.

VIII and XI - I love these very much for the same reason I loved VII. VIII had a romance that I loved, and IX may have had a bit of a Disney vibe, but I absolutely fell in love with the characters.

XII - I don't understand why people hate this game. Is it because the opening dragged a little? Is it because Vaan's voice is too high? For me, this game resolved most of the issues that X had.

So, anyway, those are my favorites, in an order that isn't always linear.
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I think the first FF game that I played that wasn't a ROM was the highly bug-ridden PC version of 7. Despite the bugs, I still had a lot of fun with it. I played 8 with an emulator, but, I still had an absolute blast abusing the Limit Break system playing it. Some time after the PS2 was acquired, I picked up 10. That story really gripped me, and the ability to see where the turn sequence falls at a glance was the best thing that happened to an FF combat engine since the Charge Time mechanic from Tactics.
I like the one where a splinter fights a teenage mutant ninja(?) turtle. It's actually impressive how there's a yearly event to play through it with a random set of jobs and people are able to clear the game even with some absolutely dire builds. To be fair though the game has been thoroughly dissected and some stuff is straight up abusing game mechanics or bugs (We'll take it Quick then we'll take it slow).

I still like parts of FF1 just being a big dumb ol' adventure. IMO it's aged the best out of the NES games, but I can't deny part of it is the PS1 Origins FF1 where they fixed and improved the UI without too many big changes, like replacing the Vancian casting system with a MP pool.

FF14 has far and away the best music though when it finally hit its stride. Soken is the best FF composer.

I think the first FF game that I played that wasn't a ROM was the highly bug-ridden PC version of 7. Despite the bugs, I still had a lot of fun with it. I played 8 with an emulator, but, I still had an absolute blast abusing the Limit Break system playing it. Some time after the PS2 was acquired, I picked up 10. That story really gripped me, and the ability to see where the turn sequence falls at a glance was the best thing that happened to an FF combat engine since the Charge Time mechanic from Tactics.

Isn't the PC version also the version where everybody is going :O? That looked horrible, even by FF7 popeye-arm standards. (I love FF7 popeye-arm standards)
Blackmoon Prophecy by far. The soundtrack is really amazing and I love how expansive and non-linear it gets.
Some of my favorites are:

IV - First one I played. Or at least tried to emulate on a Windows 95 computer that couldn't handle it.

V - Features ExDeath, the one true Skeletor of RPG villains.

VII - Nostalgia, mostly. Played the Midgar chapter 10+ times because my memory card kept corrupting.

IX - Vivi.

Honorable mentions: Mystic Quest, Chocobo's Dungeon, FF Tactics, World of Final Fantasy. Also, FF Brave Exvius is one of the better gacha games out there if you want to include mobile games.
VII - The anachronistic setting, eerie soundtrack, beautiful places like the Forgotten City, Mt. Corel & the glacier, the horror elements blended with science-fantasy.

VIII - Laguna's plot, his involvement with Julia & Raine, Quistis' infatuation with Squall, Rinoa's relationship with Seifer, Seifer and Ultimecia, Irvine & his inability to assassinate "Edea" - fringe relationships that I personally find more interesting than Squall/Rinoa.

IX - (voted for this one) I love the duality of Gaia and Terra, & Terra's immensely creepy and esoteric architecture. I really like Garnet's conflicted feelings about her mother (particularly the scene where she tells Zidane he doesn't understand that she still loves her), Zidane's retelling of how he used to dream of blue light, the theatre motif, Steiner's character development, Doctor Tot & his cool house, the Burmecia segment, Alexander defending its city from Bahamut... I just like pretty much everything about this game.

X - Yuna is maybe one of my favourite understated FF characters... she's gentle, resilient and strong-willed. I like her dorky romance with Tidus. I love the tone of the game, and the overall plot and development of its characters, particularly Tidus, Jecht, Yuna & Auron.

XIII trilogy - really like the world in these games and how it becomes progressively more fractured and warped by magic with each sequel. Lightning's scenes with Hope in the original game are very sweet. Liked Serah & Noel as protagonists; their positivity didn't feel superficial. Of course there's also the entertaining stupidity of the crazy chocobo song, Snow's magic babe motorcycle, etc.
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Blackmoon Prophecy...?

But really? VI. My first was the original on the NES, but I was too young when I played it and didn't know what the hell an RPG even was so I was just plain lost and gave up. Good thing it was a rental.

Second was IV, which I really did enjoy an awful lot. VI was the one that really clicked with me though. So many aspects of that game resonated with me and, as I grew older, I found myself relating to a lot of the issues that the characters are confronted with such as depression, feeling like an outcast, betrayal, and more. Though Edgar is my favourite character in the entire franchise, I found myself able to relate with Celes and her struggles so much. Love that girl, she's so well written for a tiny little sprite.

IX is my second favourite by a good margin. The characters were stellar (except one dimensional Amarant), and the soundtrack may have been the most consistently good one in the entire franchise. There were so many aspects of IX that I flat out LOVED, but VI will always be more special to me because of the diverse cast of characters, how "WTF!" the story and its twists were back in the day, and just how iconic and memorable the music was (IX had a better OST as a whole, but VI has some of the absolute strongest tracks in the franchise).

So VI and IX are my favourites, with IV behind them a bit. After that, it's sort of a toss-up between V and VII. Past that, they're all interchangeable based on my mood. Only golden rule is that XIII stays at the bottom, because I fucking hated that game.
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1= FF 7
2= FF 10
3= FF 6


1= FF 13
2= FF 8
3= FF 5

List of FF I have beat

FF 1 (PS) / FF 2 (PS) / FF 3 (Steam) / FF 4 (PS) / FF 5 (PS) / FF 6 (PS)
FF 7 / FF 8 / FF 9 / FF 10 / FF 10-2
FF 13 / FF Tactics

*The numbering / different versions of FF 1-6 is so crazy.
(I bought the Steam version of FF 3 just so I finish the series.)
(Will likely never play FF 13-2 or Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII .)

FFX was my first one so I have very special feelings about it. The linearity did get me a bit tired with it at some points though ;w; Mostly this just meant I had to put it down from time to time, but it's a very good game.

FFX-2 is my favorite just because I got to see the aftermath of FFX and they play with tone in that game quite a bit. I loved the super campy overall feel and that it's a bit of an odd duck for the series. And the battles in that game were to die for - I love them so much!

The tactics games are very very good but comparing them to the main series games doesn't quiiite work. They're just too different! Same goes with dissidia~

Crystal Chronicles.

You wish I was kidding.

I would need to play a lot more of them to choose otherwise.
I love CC to death. <3

IX - Vivi.

Honestly the most compelling argument in the entire thread. Xd
It’s your actions.. not your strength, that would lead you to victory.

I might have liked Final Fantasy Tactics more, but there's huge gaping holes in the story and a lot left unconcluded. I liked a lot of it, but it left me very unsatisfied when I finished the game (sort of like Breath of Fire 4 too.)
I am tired of Earth. These people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.
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I voted before I actually noticed Final Fantasy Tactics was one of the options. In terms of gameplay, I found it more engaging than any of the main final fantasy series, and I loved the plot. It actually contains my single favorite line of dialogue in any video game (not because the line is some masterpiece of language, but because it carries so much emotional weight with everything that led up to it.) But of course, the overall translation job was pretty terrible, and I'm one of the few who found the retranslation even worse, because I can't stand faux-Shakespearean purple prose.

Overall though, I think Final Fantasy VII still takes my top spot. Gameplay-wise, it's kind of dumbed down and not very challenging, but my preferences in games are very writing-centric, and I think Final Fantasy VII just managed to do some really remarkable things on that front. I don't feel like that's a matter of nostalgia speaking, it's also my most recently re-played Final Fantasy game, a few months ago with my girlfriend who hadn't played it before. She shares the opinion that the writing is on a different level than the other FF games we've played together (currently slowly working our way through FFX, where she enjoys yelling at Tidus.)
Everyone likes yelling at Tidus. It's something we can all get behind on an international level.
@Desertopa: From another person with a writing background, I agree about FF7. That's also my favorite.

My top three are FF7, FF6, and FF9. I'll actually defend 7's gameplay a bit. You can say that the battles are pretty simplistic, which is fine, but the materia system is a pretty interesting progression system, which, along with exploration (which it also did a good job with), is my favorite part of RPG gameplay. 6 has adequate writing but a sweet progression system and the second half of the game is so structurally cool that it gets some bonus points for me. 9 is just really well-polished, but the final act was a bit garbled and the exploration, battles, and progression are serviceable but don't really stand out. I love all three, though.

I also really enjoyed 5 despite its flaws, and Tactics is really solid, but I'm not the biggest fan of tactical RPGs (mainly because battles take so long and there's not much exploration). Not a huge fan of the other Final Fantasies. 4's okay but it's a product of its time; same with the NES ones. 8 and 10 killed the franchise for me; haven't played anything past 10, but I've seen enough to know they aren't for me. 15 did look kind of interesting, though (and really beautiful graphically).
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