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So, yeah, it’s been an awfully long time since our last writing feature had been announced on the front page now…almost four whole months since the last time it changed! (Jesus, f**k, you guys...) And not only that, but the latest pic of the moment and RMN TV sections haven’t been updated in more than a month for each one! (Someone’s been slacking it off, it seems.)

Now, traditionally for the site, the writing feature, along with the pic of the moment and video sections usually change every week to two weeks or so depending on submissions and such. Since I’ve come back to the site regularly since 2013, these sections have been changed and altered pretty frequently around here, with usually no longer than maybe three weeks tops before any of them happen to change. The staff here have been pretty regular in the past when it comes to dealing with that, so I’m a little bit surprised that it’s taken so long for any of these to change lately.

Is it because there aren’t enough quality submissions that are worthy enough of being featured? Is it because of whoever’s in charge of doing it is being lazy and / or taking a break in the meantime from doing it? I mean, I usually don’t complain about these types of things too much if it takes a little bit of additional time around here because some of the site staff here can get pretty busy with things and such - but four whole months to change at least the writing feature is a bit unusual…and I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that way.

I mean, it can’t be because we don’t have enough quality submissions. It can’t be.

So what’s the real story behind all this sudden backlog? I’m sure it’s nothing too serious, and I may be overexaggerating things a little bit here, but it would be nice to know what’s going on with it, at least.
I've been busy with work lately and keep forgetting to update shit. That's all on me. I'm sorry! ;.;

(My day is usually get up at 5-6, work til 5, sleep at 8, so between 5-8 I have dinner, do other shit and I'm not used to this routine just yet. I was also sick for a while which didn't help.)

That said, we don't get many articles so that's a thing. I'm getting used to the routine so I'll fix that. (And right now is as good a time as any (she says as though she hasn't had the tab open for the last few hours*, looking for a blog that fits. Or that she didn't already have some tabs open for video and screenshot from last night when she was going to do them but got distracted.))

*I'm not saying it takes hours to check every blog, but I am very prone to distraction.
Ah…so it was YOU who was slacking! For shame.

But it sounds like from what you’ve told me that you have a pretty good valid excuse for doing so, so I forgive ya.

And, hey – would you look at that! Everything’s just got a sudden makerover the next time I managed to login after posting this thread up. Yay!!! :D

That said, we don't get many articles so that's a thing.

Hey, we've had a few new articles submitted in the last couple of months. Hell, even Kentona wrote one, so I'm not sure what you're smoking (but can I have it?)
I didnt think anyone other than Feld noticed!
It must have flown through the queue because I don't think I saw it. >.<;

Banorna, kenton. Duh. ;p
I quite like banornorn myself
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