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I've been experiencing noticeable lag on a few of my maps, and it's probably going to be worse on some of the ones I'll be creating later, so I've been looking up anti-lag scripts, but I'm not sure what to use or how to use what I've found.

Effectus seems like overkill for my requirements, so I'm reluctant to shell out for it, and I've read references to it having more script conflicts than others (although I'm not using many scripts.)

Victor Engine anti-lag requires the basic Victor Engine module, which I'm not using and am hesitant to get for just this when I'm not planning to use any other functions.

Moghunter's anti-lag script sounds appropriate for my purposes, and being able to turn it on and off to manage any potential script incompatibilities seems useful, but I can't find any English language instructions for how to implement it, and when I tried to turn it on in my game, I got a game-crashing script error (I put the script in Materials and used an evented script call; I don't know if that's how I was supposed to use it, but if not, I haven't found any instructions for what I should be doing instead.)

If anyone knows how to use the Moghunter script properly, or knows any good alternatives, I'd appreciate the help.

I use this script. And so far it works great, high performance and easy to use.
I actually found that one the next day after I posted my first request, but at least having someone else recommend it tells me I'm probably not passing up some clearly better one.

Movement on my most demanding map isn't perfect, but it does seem to be better than before, and the issues with a couple other maps seem to have fallen below the point of being noticeable. I'm not planning to do anything way more demanding than I already have, so this is probably good enough for the rest of the game. Thanks for the recommendation.
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