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Currently on the homepage below Spotlight, Game Jam is linked to a game page Lily Renewal. Seeing the word "Renewal" reminds me of Resurrection Jam.
The titles of the Game Spotlights reflect some aspect of the game - whether they're new, horror, cute, funny, hidden gems, gems, etc. Lily Renewal was made for a game jam, so I decided to go with that as a descriptor.

In the past we've had plenty of ones with the Event title, since they were made for events, so it's not much different to those. We reserve the big spot in the middle of the page for events and game jam notifications (just put a new one up there, too).

Hope that clears it up!
Guardian of the Description Thread
I think the reason Lily Renewal is spotlighted as a "Game Jam" is more because it's a winner of a game jam elsewhere...

author=Lily Renewal's gamepage description
Game Jam Entry for Studio Blue's 2 Week Game Jam. Winner of the Story Category.

...and has no association with any kind of "Resurrection Jam". At least as far as I can tell!
Ah ok! Thanks for the clarifications.
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