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Even newspapers have those nowadays.
Not adjusting the default one, but making one completely from scratch. Can someone help me with it? Link to the tutorial is fine.

I have searched, but came up only with tutorials that add on to the default one via battle events and so on, not some about making custom turn-based system on events. I've came also across tuts about making a real-time battle system, but I want to make turn-based one.
I've done this. I don't have a tutorial, but here's a list of things that are involved:

-Decide what kinds of stats you want the game to comprise. Since you're designing this battle system yourself, you get to decide what each stat does. Keep in mind that you cannot use the database for things like weapons and items, since the whole point of weapons and items is to modify stats. Unless there are commands in the Event Editor that allow you to have database entries interact with variables, you'll need to keep your own database somewhere in the Common Events.
-Making variables for each "slot" that gets occupied, each enemy or player. Things like: "Max HP", "Current HP", "STR", "INT" etc. Also, if your characters have weapons and other equipment, you'll need to use variables to keep track of those, too.
-Determine the turn order. How you do that depends on what you want to happen. Is the turn order random? If it isn't, you have to find a way to determine it. The way I did it, is I had turn order based off of its own stat, and I compared everyone's stat to each other of this stat.
-Now the sequence starts. There's a calculation part, and an animation part. In the calculation part, the calculations that govern what each slot is doing are executed. In the animation part, the animation for that execution is played, including the damage numbers, if applicable.
-After each turn, check to see who is alive and dead. If all opponents are dead, the player wins! If all player characters are dead, it's game over. Repeat the cycle until one of these conditions is met.

And that's it. Since it's totally customized, you can even do things like counterattacking, and stealing. Weird magical effects. Summons. Virtually anything.

These are old as heck but they do give you an idea on how they're done. I never thought I'd be looking through old archives for RM tutorials of all things.
Since you're using events, I'm assuming you're using the updated English rm2k3. If not, it is worth your money to upgrade since it gives you tremendous flexibility with pictures, which your system will rely heavily upon.

Here are two utilities designed with the new rm2k3 picture features in mind. The first allows you to easily convert text into pictures for use in your game. This helps a ton with making menus and what-not. The second allows you to make sprite sheets from independent images. This may or may not be useful, depending on how you have organized your raw resources.

Also, you may want to consider how multi-targeting abilities will work in your game, since rm2k3 won't allow you to use single-target animations on multiple targets outside of battle. I'm saying this now just so that it won't cause you headache later.

Finally, ask yourself why you want to make a custom battle system, because it is a ton of work. Reasons I can think of which deserve a custom system are custom stats and damage calculations, or fundamental changes to the system. If you're just looking to, say, making animated enemies, I'd recommend against the time investment in a custom system.
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