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Even newspapers have those nowadays.
It should be a free one, with a tracker-style interface if possible. Already tried Anvil Studio and Aeria Maestosa and for the first one I don't like the business model of it and the program is more for the people who can read sheet music (which I can't) and Aeria Maestosa, well... it just looks bloody awful and its piano roll mode isn't really worth a damn.

Also, it should support playing notes with a regular keyboard (I don't have nor can afford a MIDI one).

Please don't recommend DAWs such as SunVox or "regular" trackers such as Open MPT. I know I can technically make a midi with them, but will then have to muck with setting up instruments so they will export right for the song and I can forget about things like setting event 111 so RM can recognize a loop.

And in case anyone want to suggest Radium (which is one of the first results for "midi editor with a tracker-like interface" on google, don't bother - already checked it. Midi import only.
I know this topic is a month old, so apologies if you've already resolved this on your own
If you want to play MIDI with your computer keyboard, try this program:
though, to use it, you'll also need a virtual midi cable program like one of these:
From there, you can set your MIDI program to take the Cable program as an Input, and set VPMK to Output on it. You can also set up MIDI CC controller knobs through this.

As for MIDI editing programs... I don't know of any with a tracker interface. Sorry.
Back on my XP computer, I got some decent use out of Sekaiju
It's not super-modern (which personally I like lol), but has some nice features like being able to start playback in the middle of a note (aka if you have a drone or something, you don't have to start playback from where it first sounds off), and will recognize RPG Maker's CC#111 loop-point event and loop playback from it. Better than Aeria, which just chucks it out the window since it doesn't know what to do with it lol what a rude program
Just make sure you read the directions on that page for getting the UI to be in English if you care to try it.

edit: oh, yeah, Sekaiju doesn't have any built-in outputs, so if you can't map it to your computer's default MIDI synth and/or you want SoundFont support, you'll need a program like this:
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