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Engine: RPG Maker VX Ace

Synopsis: A western steampunk-themed, timed RPG. A robot finds itself in a remote desert village, whose belief in witches may lead to his gruesome demise....

the game does not feature battle!

Pixel artist: due to the fact most of our member are also artist but new to rpg maker we need pixel artist for the game estimated number of character/sprite you will be working on is 1 robot, 10-12 human NPCs, you might also do some minor tile-set creations but it depends if our story-writer need some specific object or not.
Graphic artist : who can do some art for the game, menu, title, etc.
Scripters: well if possible we need some scripters in hopefully for some special scene and for our special timer system
Composer: we now need some people who can composed for specific scene in the game.

Already Available people:
we are a team of 6, 1 - from the RPG maker community and 5 from outside the community. We got a story writer, mappers, eventer, and a actual proofreader in our team already but we can accommodate more people if the team want to have

About me/My Role(s)/Position(s):
I am MJM I work on the Town of illustive and the Future Helper series since then my experience with the RPG maker engine is improved a lot since the past few years (and I will be release a upcoming demo for Future Helper game by 2018). And this is my first time having a team collaboration based project. I also studying game development at my local college.

my current role for this project is general development (mapper, engine works, etc..) and project manager so I basically do some other portion of the project that is not stated in my position. And also helping out our new rpg maker users in understand the basic of the engine.

Additional note if we win all of us will split the prize money

please sent me a PM or shout out in this thread if your interested
And hopefully we can work together with this great game.
Guardian of the Description Thread
I'm curious about the scripts you need, but, if this is for this year's IGMC, maybe I'm not the right person to talk to.

For what it's worth, though, good luck!
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