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Can I be a lemon or pineapple or any fruit standing near a snowman and say "Don't mind me.. Enjoy your Christmas.."?
Can I be a hamster that say "Merry SantaBalls"
Hey, if Helaz and Yuno can get in this game, then why can’t good ol' Addit? I’m more than enough qualified for this. *flashes makerscore tag*

I mean, I was in the original YDS community games that she did back then with the first one with me being a grave stone in the middle of the village, and also, at the exact same time, cleaning the floors in a giant, wintery castle; and in the second game I stole some lesbian artwork from Karsuman and spouted off some nonsense about Monopolo and stuff. It was great (…even though that she caught me off guard by trying to make me say something stupid on the fly on IRC that day when she asked me for a random quote suddenly out of the blue).

But, yeah, if there’s still enough time to add me in there, Frogge - that would be great! I would appreciate it. :)

And as for what I would say and do…hmmm...how ‘bout making me sit in front of a television set watching the Canucks play on T.V. and me getting mad at them that they’re losing to some shit team like the Arizona Coyotes, lol.


Addit: “…God damn it…! It’s like you guys are trying to lose on purpose!”

*turns around to the player*

Addit: “What? What do you want?” Can’t you see that I’m watching game
number twenty-six in a long eighty-two game regular season where every
single point in the overall standings matters? What’s the hell’s wrong
with you???”

Addit: “Sure, I could be using this time to work on something a lot more
productive, like writing another review and such for the site, but I’m far too
important these days to even bother with such mindless tasks. Get
someone else to do it, I say.”

Addit: “Speaking of that…could you be a nice guy and go grab me
some of those potato chips that Ocean smuggled? I really wouldn’t
mind some of those Ketchup chip ones, and…”

*other team scores a goal*

Addit: “ – God damn it, Markstrom! Even I could have stopped that!”


I think I need to be the villain in the bad guy castle.

But...that was Nightblade’s old role...

(Actually, that would be pretty funny if you re-did the entire Nightblade scene from RMN Christmas Card 2009 but with Solitayre replacing him and yelling at somebody else instead, lol. That would be awesome.)
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Can i insert happup saying "arf arf (gammak sure is tough!!)"
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
Can i insert happup saying "arf arf (gammak sure is tough!!)"

Could I have his sprite then? ^.^
Not sure if the deadline has past yet but if not you can put me in.
Give me a mask similar to my icon and have me say something silly like
"Hi! I Like Masks! They're comfy and easy to wear! And give me powers beyond mortal comprehension. Also did I mention how comfy they are? So comfy!"

Alternative idea - Still have me wearing a mask but have me playin a tune with spoons
And I'll say "I'm a spoony bard"
Oh or I could be guarding a place with only a spoon for a weapon.
That way I'll be a spoony guard.
A lazy teenager's spirit in a mid 20 adult's body
Ooohhh I just happened to read this thread, lucky me!! this is a sprite for our profile picture right? Then, I would like a dancing madotsuki! (yume nikki of course)Thank you! :D
Guardian of the Description Thread
This thread is where you post what you want your in-game cameo to say more than the appearance of said cameo. Though, with so little time left before the cut-off, one might be tempted to just go with new entrant posts on an as-is basis...
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc

Anyway, if you ended up missing, however, I'm still willing to add you in AS LONG AS the thing you want is something simple (like a few lines of dialogue). For example, I can't do what I did for Hex and make you jump out of some bush since that's gonna require more effort.
Could I join this? : D I know I am not around much these days, but I'd love to send my well-wishes.

Option A:
Priestess oracle kinda thing helping you or just saying "I LOVE MEAT" or sth like that.

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