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Hello chums, I can't seem to figure this one out.

I want a specific landmass to have a different song playing while you traverse it, and the continent is only accessible via ship and airship.

I've tried using Terrain IDs, but I can't figure out how to set them up right to only play the new song while on this specific continent (they change the default airship song if you fly over the continent, which is bad).

Is there a simple way to do this? I am very stupid. Help.
If I understand you correctly, you want special music to play on a part of a map only if you're not in a vehicle while you traverse it.

You can do this by making a parallel process event (wait of probably 0.2 seconds or longer -- it's just changing the music so we don't want it to run too often).

In the event, use a conditional branch to see if the player is driving a vehicle or not (it's on the 2nd page of conditional branch options). If so, don't do anything.

If the player is not driving a vehicle, check the location of the player on the map and see if the player is within the coordinates of the continent. If so, play the special music. If not, play the default music.

Since asking rm2k3 to play the same song again does not reset the music, you're fine just calling it a bunch of times.

However, if you experience any sort of slow down or lag from the process running constantly in the background (or if you're just like me and like making things run well), you can set a switch on/off depending if the special music should be playing or not, and then run a conditional that if the switch is in the expected position then play the new music, otherwise skip further processing.

Hope that helps!
I must stop Addit from winning the NHL playoff pool again, no matter what!

You could also copy and paste your entire world map and have multiple maps for your world map, each having their own Background music based on where you are in the world or event what you have accomplished.
Dur, a vehicle check! Obviously. Thanks for that. I used Terrain IDs (since the continent has a specific terrain) instead of coordinates so that the system would work wherever it was needed (some of the islands are weird shapes so coords would be difficult). I had to add a Terrain ID check for water and set the ship's music manually, as well, since it seemed to ignore the fact that you'd boarded a ship half the time. I'm guessing because of the wait. The system is now working except for one annoying thing: whenever the music changes (boarding ship) there is no transition whatsoever from song to song (so one abruptly ends and the other begins) which can cause some audio errors. It's fairly minor, though.

I'll probably also add a coordinate check, like you said, to ensure the music is only even being checked when it is approximately needed. Thanks!

I don't think that would work in this instance. I'd need a whole bunch of workarounds to make it feasible. Thanks anyway!
Glad to hear its working.

As for the vehicle music, you don't actually need to set it in the parallel process event. Simply set the two different songs for on the ground (whether you're on your special terrain or not) and the default mechanics for getting on and off the vehicle will do the rest. Unless I'm misunderstanding and you tried that and it didn't work. I can say that in my test map, which used the x/y coordinate system instead of terrain ID, I didn't need to set the song for the vehicle.
I know that normally you wouldn't need to set the music for a vehicle (and I don't need to for the airship at all) but for the ship I seem to be encountering a bit of strangeness. Using terrain ID causes the music to continue about 40% of the time when boarding a ship (rather than the natural change to ship music being used). I think it's probably got something to do with how I'm using labels. I even have it to set to ignore being run when on a ship, so I have definitely mucked it up somewhere.

x/y doesn't make a tonne of sense for how I'm using it; there are several outlying islands in different areas that would make a simple "inside/outside the x/y area" check difficult. All the areas that require the music use the same terrain ID, so IDs should simplify it a bit in the long run.
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