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got a couple rpgmaker vx/ace games that did this halfway during extraction when i tried to open them. Any fix?

they always fail at the same spot so I think the file itself had problem
Is it doing it for every game? I had a lot of problems with Windows 10 not cooperating with those exe files when W10 first came out, but not as much now. Either Windows Defender or your antivirus might be picking them up as something malicious.

Honestly, those extractors seem to cause problems for some people and it's better to distribute your game as a zip file instead.
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I think I've seen an "operation failed" error when making a self-extracting file, but only when I press "Cancel" when I realize that I've forgotten to include something, or like scenario.

*Edit: In such a case, I think it still makes an EXE, even though it's broken. Which... might technically be what you're experiencing with this error? Not 100% sure if the system automatically overwrites a preexisting EXE or no. Personally, I would delete the broken EXE, and make a new file just to be on the safe side.
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If you have a virus program try turning it off.
Or try right clicking and running as administrator.

You could ask the developer for an zip file instead.
I think this should work for all RPG Maker engines.
If its another engine I'm not sure.

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