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Hi. I'm your friendly neighborhood halibabica. I'm usually not too active here on the forums because I'm often bogged down in overbearing community Mario collabs. But those days are behind me and I have time to play some games! I understand we have the {review request} thread already, but what I hope to do here is a little more involved. I am a seasoned game reviewer and I've been at this game design business for Jesus Christ how long has it been by now?

So if you please, sign up to have your game reviewed by me. I'm not picky; I'll play anything I can get to run on a Windows PC. I have a time slot for this every week, but progress will likely be slow as I have many other things going on. You can expect progress updates from me as I play, culminating in the review itself (and maybe some fan art, too). The game must be hosted on RMN and games with no reviews are preferred. I'm unwilling to pay for commercial titles, but I may still do one if provided a free copy. I will always try my best to finish a game before reviewing.

I'm a long haul kinda guy, so don't be scared if the queue gets out of hand. I've crushed mountains before and I've many more ahead. Have at you!

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halibabica's Pokémon Hunter 4: The Hidden Truth
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I'm kind of interested, but I just want to clarify what you meant: Why didn't you choose a game from the Review Request thread again?
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I considered it, but decided it'd be best to run my own separate thing. This lets me keep my own pace and allows devs to come straight to me instead of 'casting a line', so to speak. I also won't have to muck up the other thread with my nonsense, so it keeps things organized.
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I have 1 game with no review, but it's not super duper good.
(ie. I won't hate you if you give it a 1 / 5.)
Made for an event:

Sure, I'd enjoy having a pillar of the community take a look at my offering. :) https://rpgmaker.net/games/10266/
Wow, I would love to join too and get insight from a seasoned gamer and reviewer! I know that whatever you'll have to say can really help me improve in my RPG-making now and in the future. ^_^

I just recently finished my 3rd completed game "BlueSkies 2". I would be very happy if you can check it out. Take your time, of course. :)

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And so the queue begins. I'm also looking into the possibility of streaming my sessions, but no promises on that front. It's just an inkling of a thought at this stage.
Hello, hali! I don't know if you are into long RPG :') I'll be glad if you look into my game https://rpgmaker.net/games/3996/
You could give my game a shot, if you're up for something weird and dark. It already has a very detailed review by Addit, though. If you do play it, I'd love to hear your thoughts: https://rpgmaker.net/games/9495/
Hrm. I would ask for your review on my own game, but it's not fully released yet (which I would assume is a no-go for you), is on Mediafire (due to size, but the page links to it and its files), and already has a couple reviews (though it's been a couple years now I think). Don't know what your stance is on all of that.
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Demos are absolutely welcome. This may actually benefit games in development even more.
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Well, I did some experiments over the weekend, and while streaming is something I CAN do, I've decided I don't think it's something I SHOULD do. If I didn't have a 2nd job, I'd have the time I need to make that worthwhile, but as it stands, I see no reason to put out subpar work just 'cuz.

This week, I played a couple hours of EyeSore. It lives up to its name and is very silly so far. I put the difficulty on Very Hard and it's working out okay. I made it to the second area, and I like the special controls for running and jumping. More to come next time...
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You should review one of my games :D
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I see seven games with no reviews, two of which are on hiatus. Why don't you pick one???
Well, if you'd like to give the game a try, here ya go.


It's been a long time since the last review, and there has been a substantial amount of work done on it since then (in fact, I just uploaded the most recent version tonight, though still working on a few things here and there, so some things in regards to Blue Magic aren't 100% fully done yet. That isn't until a fair bit in, but just a warning on that if you're going to give it a try before I manage to finish it up!). I will warn you, however, that the demo IS long (it is the game at roughly 98%, so yeah...it does stop at some point, but it can be played/tested a fair bit farther than that!).
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Listed! Though it will take a while to chew through what's already there.
Wow, you really are doing the RMN community a favor with this halibabica ^_^ I do believe that you can help developers improve themselves both who are on the process of developing the game and those who have a finished product. :D
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Well thanks, I certainly hope so! I'm gonna try to make more time for this each week so it doesn't take too long.
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Actually, Hali....RMW Chain Game doesn't have a star rating yet and it's complete...if HIGHLY unpolished from 2013 lol