Yeah, you certainly wouldn't find the character easily (although somehow EVERYONE seemed to run into the character on accident, and I'm not quite sure how...). That, and the boss just not doing mean things and me getting lucky and all that did add up, so experiences will vary sadly. But yeah, I'll keep Level 5 Death on her, if I didn't remove it already. If anything, can always have Aya with First Strike to Intel the boss if you don't mind going through the cutscene again, but that does take a while...

I mean...to be fair, everyone has different experiences. I know someone who died over and over and over and over again on Youkai Mountain, and it made NO sense how his luck was so bad. That's why enemies ran away for the first portion of it with Aya/Momiji, because that's where he kept dying all the time. And then there's others that get through areas with NO problem whatsoever (fun fact: Hina usually likes to body me hard. Usually. And Hina's not even hard normally!). And one particular boss that was giving me ire, someone beat with...Mad Rush. Yeah, they used Mad Rush on a boss -I- had trouble with, and won!

So yeah, you do you, don't have to listen to EVERYTHING I say, obviously. ^^;
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I think that's telling of just how heavily RNG is a factor in this game. You can stack the odds any way you want, but how well you do comes down to whether luck is on your side or not. Less of that and more of meaningful choices leading to success would do a lot for this game, I think.

I'm sorry (I'm sorry halibabica is the only one reviewing games lol) for the dirty blatant self promotion but I genuinely think this adorable pile of complete nonsense is one of the most underplayed games on RMN.
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All right, I queued it up. I swear I'll get to all these games eventually.

Things went more smoothly in Touhou this week. I took down a couple of optional bosses that were also recruits, so now the party is truly massive. I also rescued Cirno from Eientei, and got the new character from that series of events. I figured out where to go next when I followed the river up instead of going all the way west, which is a Direction you may want to change. The location you're needed at is a generic unmarked bridge just like the ones you see on the river in the West. I know where I'm supposed to be, but I took one more detour to try and fight the kedama that lives at Marisa's house now. I'm not sure I can beat it, but I noticed it has a skill that puts its Health at 1. I thought I could snipe it when it does that, but all my attacks do zero at that point. I have one more idea before I give up on that...
Yeeeeah, about that Kedama lol. I actually fixed that so it DOESN'T do that, because it wasn't supposed to be affected by Nova Storm. Next update will have that fixed (it's meant for a late game optional boss fight). Good to hear that things went good! And I see you managed to get both of the characters, nice! It is possible to get one of them as early as getting Patchouli, but it's super hard at that point and may take a loooong time (and lots of 1-Ups...). But yeah, there's a story bit coming up that I feel I can...change because it's pretty outdated and honestly I think it doesn't need to be mentioned.

As for me? I'm actually nearing endgame myself with testing, got like 8-9 more dungeons (and I'm at 60 hours. That's...scary to think about...). Quite a few more bugs fixed up, I'll be uploading that. If you'd like the updated version now, let me know and I'll update now.
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Nah, I can wait. I'll leave the kedama alone too so I can rant about game balance later.
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Today's session of Touhou Fantasy was spent ranking up skills, because that's such a burdensome process that it takes an entire hour. Did I vouch for a custom menu system to handle this before? I can't remember.

I should have showed you what this looked like before I did my thing today, but here's what's left of my skill-tracking document:

L27 Reimu (Holy/Magic)
Orb 3
Pearl 3
Rift 2
Ascension 1 > 2 4000
Youkai 1
Hakurei 3
Rain 2
Spread 3
Caution 4
Yin-Yang 2
Border 4
Barrier 2
Circle 1 > 2 4500
Spiritual 1
Needle 4
Binding 4

L15 Marisa (Thunder/Magic)
Magic 3
Illusion 2
Narrow 2
Debris 2
Reverie 1
Torch 1
Stardust 2
Luminous 2
Green 3
Master Spark 1
Orreries Sun 1

L16 Cirno (Ice)
Icicle 5
Hailstorm 1
Minus K 5
Cold 2
Blizzard 4
Atai 4 > 5 6000

L19 Aya (Wind)
Gale 3
Pelting 4
Graceful 3
Standing 4
Opening 3
Veiling 1
Kemono 1

L15 Meiling (Wind/Earth)
Flower 3
Quake 2
Release 1
Earth 2
Sky 2
Chime 3
Tiger 2
Morning 1 > 2 5000

L27 Patchouli (Elemental)
Agni 3
Spout 3
Crystal 2
Edge 3
Spring 3
Selene 2
Royal 2
Plant 2
Sunflower 3

L27 Reisen (Mystic)
Blast 3
Explosion 2
Elixir 2
Ultrared 4
Poison 4
Moon 3
X-Wave 3
Absent 3

L16 Sakuya (Physical)
Star Sword 3
Bounce 3
Crossup 3
Scripture 1
Luna 2
Stop 1 > 2 6000

L15 Momiji (Elemental)
Cross 1 > 2 5000
Flame 1 > 2 5000
Icebrand 1 > 2 5000
Thunder 1 > 2 5000
Mystic 1 > 2 5000
Zantetsu 1
Magicide 2
Finger 2

L15 Nitori (Water)
Hydro 2
Optical 2
Carpet 2

L15 Sanae (Wind/Mystic)
Serpent 3
Omakuji 1 > 2 5000 > 3 10000
Fortune 1
Cobalt 1
Daytime 1 > 2 10000
Gray 1 > 2 10000
Bright 1
Falling Stars 1
Revitalizing Wind 1

L15 Suwako (Water/Earth)
Moriya 2
Suwa 3
Frog 1
Toad 1
Native 2
Jade 2
Sakura 2 > 3 7500
Element 1 > 2 6000
Seven 1
God 1

L20 Remilia (Dark/Phys)
Walk 1
Arrow 1
Cradle 1
Vamp Claw 1

L20 Yuuka (Earth)
Flower Shooting 1
Master Spark 1

L24 Youmu (Ghost)
Aum 1 > 2 5000
Crescent 1 > 2 5500
Lotus 2
Weird 1
Wicked 1
Soul 2

L18 Komachi (Ghost/Dark)
Trial 1 > 2 5000
Amulet 1
Bondage 1
Hatred 1
Requiem 1
Endless 1
Confine 1
Death 1
Scythe 1
Spirits Firm 1
Earthbound 1

I had to make one because the party is so huge and there are so many skills that checking them all manually is the biggest pain in the ass possible. A future iteration may become a spreadsheet because this is just ridiculous. For the record, I don't think I should have to make a tracking doc for any single-player experience, but when skills cost money to buy and you have no way of knowing which ones you already have at the shop screen, well...you do what you gotta do, I guess.

I understand why the system is the way it is now. The items call switches, which check to make sure the item you're using is available for use by the character who needs it. That way, lower-level spells are discarded and higher levels can't be learned early. It's form-fit into how 2k3 handles these things normally, but...the execution is atrocious. Like I said, you can't find out what spells you still need while you're on the shop screen. You also can't check which spells you have without putting those characters in the party and looking at them in the main menu. If you accidentally buy a spell twice, you'll be selling the extra for 50% of what you bought it for. If all this wasn't enough of a pain, all the items are sorted VERY far down the item list, so you have to scroll past all your medicine and armor to use them all one at a time (and there are dozens of them). Everything about this sucks.

I know custom menus are difficult to make, but it would solve all of this so elegantly. Give the player an item similar to HRCS that pulls up a special menu. Let it show all the characters, the skills they have, what they can still get; maybe even combine the functionality and let the player pick their party from there. It's so clunky as it currently is, almost any alternative would be better. You can control what's shown with switches and variables. Of that, I'm completely sure.
Aye, you've already mentioned a custom menu system, but hell if I even have any idea how I would go about doing anything related to that for these.
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People were making fancy custom menus in RM2k3 a decade ago. If you ask for help around here, I'm sure you can find it. Personally, I'd recommend it first pull up a list of the available characters, and their level and attribute. When you select one, you can choose to look at/upgrade their skills, add/remove them from the party, or cancel to deselect them. There could be buttons for resetting the party and dequipping them. Since there are so many skills, a separate screen for each character would be handy. The nitty-gritty of it is just showing pictures and lots of 'if' cases. I wouldn't normally recommend something so complex, but I'm serious, the method you used is such a nuisance, it actively hurts the game's playability. On top of being helpful for the player, you wouldn't need all those spell switch items anymore, nor that clunky party swap hub, or even that speed fixing cameo of yours. If a joke game like Rezident Evil: It Is Escape could have functioning custom menus, you could, too.
Yeah, the speed fixing thing...I've been meaning to remove those, but keep forgetting to do so in certain parts (I have in some places like the HRCS area, but other places they appear, I just forget). Been slooowly been fixing that issue, don't know how those keep popping up at all. T-T

But yeah, I'd honestly NEED people to help with that if that were a thing to be done, but it'd be massive undertaking all on its own due to how many characters there are and skills...not to mention if it included things like showing passives/secondary commands, all of what equipments can do, etc.
RMN's Official Reviewmonger
I don't think it would need to go that far, and it may not be as intensive as it sounds. Since you already have this functionality in place in other areas, you could copy or reference those events to have them work the same way. That just leaves displaying and navigating, which I'm sure we could figure out. I'll have to dust off RM and see what I can advise. Again, don't be afraid to ask others, too. It would go a long way for a game like this.
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Okay, I had another session today, and I think I finally found an approach to this game that I can work with. So far, I've been rather overwhelmed with the possibilities open to me and frustrated that most of them don't seem to matter when the regular encounters will curb stomp you anyway, so I've adapted a method that will hopefully get me through.

Basically, I'm scouting ahead with Aya and Sakuya, avoiding encounters until I locate the next boss. Once I've found out their level and weaknesses, I'm choosing a group with which to fight it and raising their levels to match the boss'. I'm grinding wherever it's bearable, and that's pretty much it. We're on the Kraken now, I'm raising the group to 22, and I'm fighting ghosts in Hakugyokudeepadoo because the river's reflection foes think I'm a joke. It's not wheel-spinning, I swear.
Hmmm....mind if I toss you something to help you with scouting even easier? Completely up to you, of course, but...
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That depends on what it is. If it's something I could have found in the game before this or maybe a new feature, I'd be interested.
Yeah, it's something you could've found before this. It's a little sidequest hinted at a couple times I believe, if you recall the conversation with Marisa and Patchouli with a book?
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I remember something about that. All I can recall is trying to return a piano page to the mansion, but nothing happens in the only room with a piano...
It's a little obtuse. On the second floor in the Back Wing (room on the left), you need to check the piano with both Marisa and Patchouli in your party, then need to go to the first floor Back Wing (right room), get the book, then return to the previous room to complete the sidequest. Yes, I'm very much aware it's NOT 100% clear that you need BOTH those characters in the party for it. However...it'll be worth it, lemme tell ya.
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Oh...well, if it's so unclear, why don't you only set it such that you need those characters both unlocked, instead of physically present? Other characters already do that in cutscenes anyway. I mean, Reimu still shows up even when I leave her out of the party.

I'll tie up that loose end and see what I get.
Yeah, I probably will do that. There's a couple other things in the game that to get you need a specific character (do you remember that one chest in Winter Forest that was out of reach on a ledge? If you saw it at all anyways...that required Cirno to be in the party to get). I don't know WHY I thought it was a good idea to do that at all, either...
Turovero doesn't have any reviews yet :V https://rpgmaker.net/games/9936/

Be warned though, it's a long-ass game (anywhere from 13-23 hours depending on how quickly you get through or if you choose to grind) and deals with some heavy themes.