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Ive been using MV on a 7 year old macbook and PC rig I built myself for a little over 1k and I have never had any performance issues with either the development tools or the exports on either machine.

I can appreciate why people still prefer using older versions of the engines to develop with but I find a lot of games made in those older versions run really poorly on Windows 10.

If Enterbrain want to keep making engines that run on PC and Mac (which is important in my view for them to remain sustainable) they are going to keep having issues purely based around the fact they are spreading all the resources they have over 2 very different development environments. I dont care much about the mobile publishing side of things, I think MV handles that quite poorly, BUT I do think its Windows10/OSX functionality is a huge step forward.
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People can make a lot of money selling there games on the mobile market. I can see why people would want that feature, but it needs to actually work easily. Otherwise most releases will find themselves on Steam, which seems to currently be the easiest place to put a product nowadays.
As long as MV projects and resource can be converted into MV Plus easily, like VX -> VX Ace (even if there has to be copy-and-paste at works), I'm happy.
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So HTML / Android / etc platforms will be a breeze to export to.

I'll be happy if they can just do this, but absolutely pissed if I have to go buy a new version just to get it
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