Which way should development proceed? - Results

Stay with current system, more resources including fancy features and varied animations.
Use the new system, significantly fewer resources but overall better graphics.


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I'm sure many people have had to make this kind of decision before. Thanks for sharing your opinion.
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I avoid deviating. If it's a simple switch, fine, but I usually stick with the program.
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Are we talking about switching VX/ACE to MV? If yes, currently I don't think the difference in graphics is any kind of major factor for most people's enjoyment or decision to play a game. If not, it's pretty hard to answer without some more context.
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I think it would boil down to what's best for the game. Is there something that you want the game to do that's not possible (or extremely hard to do) in the old system that is possible (or easier to do) in the new system? Is it actually feature that can be cut?

Stuff like that.
Really depends on the stage of development. If you've only just started then make the switch I guess. But if you're in the middle and you've made so much progress, don't switch for whatever reason, deal with the constraints, push things to the limit if you have to, but don't scrap what you have so far. If better graphics is the only thing you're getting out of then I don't see the point.

Thanks for the input everyone, so this wasnt vxa to mv transition, I was thinking whether to change the art style of the sprites from RTP to mack. I have finished converting a copy of my ultimate game to using mack sprites (like the ones in Dyluck's profile pic), and it really looks alot nicer all around. The downside to this is that I will probably be unable to use any special animations that used RTP sprites (basically all animations) and I will have to loose some of the characters already in the game and many more potential ones. I hope this transition is worth it, whacha y'all think?
They told me I was mad when I said I was going to create a spidertable. Who’s laughing now!!!
Not worth it. Stick to what lets you tell the story, not what looks flashiest.
My advice; just finish the game, except leave out stuff like animations and whatever else might be related to special sprite artwork (poses, etc). Decide at the end of the project whether it's worth the trouble to convert it. Do that during the beta testing phase, not the early development phase.
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