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Hi, I'm hiring an assistant to help me develop my RPG
Maker MV game. I'll pay you $120 a month for some work
per month on a ongoing basis, (that's all i can afford a
month) until we finish and get it on Steam Direct. I am
also willing to share revenue on Steam.

I need help with battle animations, game design and testing,
and entering data for enemies and classes, and items, so it's
balanced. I like low numbers for stats and I'm having trouble
balancing that.

The game is called, Party Royale. It uses a sideview
auto-battle system, and procedural generated dungeons.

For assets, the sideview enemies are done, theres i
think around 400 sideview enemies. And i'm currently
using the character generetor with MV, to create side
view actors. I can also compose music, so it will have
a great soundtrack!

The game is divided into Dungeon, Skirmish, Siege,
Bounty, and Colosseum. You select from a menu to choose
which activity the player wants to do.

Each actor class has a set of 3 passives, that make them
unique. They can equip Runes which bestow combat skills
on their gear, as well as socket gems into gear for

The main feature is the management of a party of heroes,
using the default auto-battle feature in MV. By limiting
skills to to only some gear, it will allow for more
consistent executables in battle, along with the
passives, adds strategy in how the player choose to do

There isn't a town but dungeons have random npc
merchants that sell items.

I like RNG, random quircky things that I'm adding like
Loot Boxes which are tiered, and generate random
prefix/suffix items, when player's open them.

I'm using only a handful of plugins, the less the
better, mostly yanfly.

Bascially, game is you either go through random dungeons
for XP and Loot, or you battle it out like in Sieges or
Bounties or Arena battles.

Since the focus is battle, it's quite action oriented.
Even though the player only manages his party, he never
enters commands for battle, it makes for interesting
strategy none the less. The player is the manager and
watcher, he watches the battles onfold, and manages his
team. He can also explore in random dungeons, which uses
a timer, and random dungeon rules to make it more

If you can help simplify the game that would be great
too, even though its pretty simple right now.
Are you in interested in the job? comment here or send
me a pm. Thank you.

REQUIREMENT. You Must have free time available.
the games playing itself jon, THE GAME'S PLAYING ITSELF JON
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