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Have you ever wanted someone to create a lets play of your game so not only they can enjoy it, but others who would not even want to play your game and watch it without going through the hassle? Ever wanted to watch someone play your game and see how they enjoy it in their own eyes? But you don't think it's right to ask anyone too? Never fear! I am here!

My name is Muffle and I am currently getting into lets plays. I wanted some suggestions and I know some people would like some lets plays on their games I may also do a video review about the game after I play it. I'm not very fast and I'll probably play games I'm more interested in first so don't think I won't play whatever you submit because it comes in sort of later.

Here is my youtube channel. I just recently created a lets play for Slime Heart, and as you can see I hadn't really been on my youtube channel much since my amv period. So I wanted to do something with it, since I've always wanted to do lets plays but don't know where to get started here I am!! ^-^

EDIT: As an asexual person if your game has any graphic sexual scenes that are likely to make me uncomfortable I will not play it. Sexual themes especially through comedy is not to my liking. My trigger is graphic sexual assault (very graphic and detailed, I was able to play through Misao with not too much of a problem).
Hi Muffle! This is actually a very fun idea. ^_^ Subbed to your channel. I really like seeing more youtubers who are dedicated to the RPG-maker world. :)

I just recently completed my third game and was looking for feedback to help further improvement myself in RPG-making :) Here it is:

BlueSkies 2

Please take your time and I hope that you'll enjoy the game. ^_^
That sounds really cool.

My favorite game I've made, despite it's OK reviews, is Archstone. It has its shortcomings, but it's my favorite product. I'd love this game to have more let's plays, reviews... fanart... dedicated projects... cosplay...

It's about 20 minutes long, and maybe it's something you would enjoy.

Game page here!
They told me I was mad when I said I was going to create a spidertable. Who’s laughing now!!!
Sure, absofreakinlutely.

You can choose from the Lobster Quest Saga games or Virtual Grappi. Or all of the above, really, they're pretty short. And goofy.

I feel like Grappi is slightly more suited to the LP style, but honestly I think all have something to offer.

Also I hope you aren't trying to monetize Lobster Quest Deluxe because it's most likely gonna get copyright claimed out of the gate. That mess is a three car pileup of infringement!
Since yours was shorter Gredge I went ahead and did it! It was actually pretty good! I don't like turn based combat at all but the little add ons you did with the darkness and devouring made it more interesting. Because I died and hesitated a couple times it's a bit longer than you predicted haha. I hope it lives up to your expectations, I may have cursed a bit x'd


Starmage, would it best to play Blue Skies 1 even if they aren't really connected?
Its okay Muffle :) You can play BlueSkies2 right away ^_^ but really, you're free to play BlueSkies1 anytime aswell :) Though i just think that the first one has already received all the cc and feedback that it needed xD which is why I was hoping to recieve helpful feedbacks for BlueSkies 2 this time :)
Hello Muffle! Even though you don't like turn-based combat I'll give my game a chance ^.^ https://rpgmaker.net/games/3996/
I'm told mine is RPG Maker hell. https://rpgmaker.net/games/9495/ Might be decent material for a Let's Play.
Will get to these shortly, twentyfour24 how graphic and constant is your game's sexual humor? I just realized I had to put a small edit in my description, but if it constantly has sexual humor (especially graphic) I likely will not play it as it will make me uncomfortable.

EDIT: Not sure if I can double post so here Sooz.

Virtual Grappi: Part 1
Virtual Grappi: Part 2
Virtual Grappi: Part 3
The all around prick
I know you don't like turn-based combat (though I'm not sure what about it you dislike), but I'd be thrilled if you'd give the demo for Prayer of the Faithless a shot! The story of the game seems like something up your alley, at least.


It's a pretty dark game in general. It's comedic, but in the same way 'American Pyscho' is a comedy ha ha

If that's not your thing, I wouldn't bother.

Here is the first episode. I enjoyed what I played so far despite it being a little slow (in my opinion) and I look forward to playing more. When I uploaded it I realized how the audio might be a bit loud over my voice, my apologies. Despite me disliking turn based combat the way battle layout looks makes it more enjoyable, so it isn't as bad as I thought. While it does seem like a normal cliche rpg (which isn't always bad) it seems pretty good.

Blue Skies 2

I'll probably play an episode of yours next Red_Nova, I liked the looks of what I read on your gamepage and I'm actually a bit excited to play that one. Make sure to keep an eye out for future episodes from me!

Hmmm. If you don't mind my little bit of criticism with the videos, you may want to adjust the volume of your microphone and the game, if you can. It's really hard to hear you properly over loud audio, such as in the Blue Skies 2 video. I'm sure you can adjust it via Volume Mixer via the Volume Control panel, yes? Unless your OS doesn't allow that.

Anywho, if you'd like to try Touhou Fantasy, I wouldn't mind seeing how far you get in it. Fair warning though, it's exceptionally long and the later half of the game still needs testing (in other words, the game is NOT 100% finished yet, but it's very, very close at the point I'm at).


EDIT - Oh, you already addressed the audio issue in your post. My bad heh. ^^;
Wow!! I really enjoyed your Lets play for BlueSkies 2! Muffle! :D I also really love your voice overs of the Characters’ dialogue xD Thank you so much for your feedback for your early playthrough of the game ^_^ I hope that you’ll enjoy it whenever you play it again next time xD I’m already subscribed to you, btw. I really like watching some RPG maker games Lets plays :)
Part 2

@Starmage, sorry I died for a bit. I made a 2nd part of the game >< And sorry about the music is so low, I'm still trying to get the hang of the sounds. I would have gone back to fix it but I already saved over my save file by the time I noticed it.
I wouldn't mind the demo for my game Steel Spirit SaGa getting some exposure if you're not too busy. Though I would like to testplay the demo first to make sure there are no game breaking bugs.

Feel free to be as harsh as you want with your criticism.
I can do that Pyramid_Head, just tell me when it has been test played~

Will be doing more lets plays later today probably.
The TM is for Totally Magical.
Oh, Muffle! You're doing let's plays!

Sure! I just finished this one! https://rpgmaker.net/games/10348/

Warning, this does have a very brief scene of very strong violence.

No rush, of course! If you prefer to do one of my other games, I wouldn't say no, either.
I've just released a remake of an old RM2K series called 'Legion Saga Arcade'. It's a casual action-RPG with custom graphics, and it's only 3-4 hours long.

Get it here, if you fancy giving it a shot. I haven't been able to get any feedback so far, so I'd really appreciate it.
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