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Wow, Muffle!! You've made part 2 for BlueSkies 2!! I'm very excited to check it out ASAP! ^_^

And don't worry about the audio, I can understand quite fine. ;)
You don't like turn-based, huh? I think I've got something that bucks that trend a little. :)

Might I recommend Heresies of Discord?

It's about 1 to 2 hours long, and has a narrative focus.

Basically, our heroines are plundering a forbidden shrine for clues about what happened in its distant past. Combat can be avoided by dodging enemies, and battles are swift one-on-one duels using an ATB system that doesn't wait for you.

Item management and knowing when you can afford to get into a fight are important parts of the game on higher difficulties (and difficulty can be lowered at any point if you want)

If if at any point you want a guide to see the various ending triggers or a guide to finding all of the clues, let me know!
Hai2u Mufflecakes. If you're looking for work you could always do an LP of King of Grayscale. It's probably 4-5ish hours of gameplay?


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