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Hey there peeps, Jaymonius here with a request for a extra hand who is able to do some good ol' fashioned mapping. However, this isn't just any kind of mapping, it's essentially going to be mapping almost an entire game from one of my older rm2k3 games into a new format and new (and legal) tilesets setup on to RMVXAce.

You will pretty much get free reign on how the maps will be so long as they are remotely identical to the original, this project in mind is only on the fryer at the current time, and doesn't have to be completed ASAP as I'm currently working on Phantasia 6.

I am also willing to discuss a trade-off in exchange for helping with this in case you have something in your projects you'd like help with as well.

If anyone is willing to assist in this project, then send me a message if you wish, it's not a project I will be jumping to right away, but it's good to take care of the mapping whilst I take care of the other things during that time. Just bare in mind that will be at least 500+ maps that will be required to be remade in VX Ace, though once again I do mention I will be giving you freedom on how you will make said towns, dungeons, etc... for the most part.

In short... I'm lazy and don't wanna map, ha ha ha! XD

But yeah, send me a message if you're interesting in helping out. :P
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