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Well, this is a pleasant surprise. While working on a new project today, I found out I had to tinker with my icon set to properly set up the buffs and debuffs icons so they'd display correctly in the game ( changing the default icon set will do that, it seems ).

But when I went to update the icon set, the images transparency got all messed up, and now transparent spots are popping up everywhere. This didn't happen when I originally imported the image, and now it's at the point where I have to spend TWO ENTIRE WEEKS fixing the icon set!

What are you, HIGH!? I'm not wasting that much time fixing the transparency on this icon set! It's gonna take forever, even if I use PhotoShop or GIMP ( neither of which I have access to right now, either because I'm lacking in funds, or can't connect to their website for whatever reason )!

Unless someone can help me out with this problem and help get this transparency problem straightened out ( as volunteer work, of course ), I may have to cancel this project.

EDIT: I think I got a pretty good idea of what went wrong. I originally set up this iconset on either a Windows 10 or Linux system; Systems I no longer have access to, and Windows 7 lacks the ability to change this iconset without causing the transparency problem. Thanks, Microsoft!

So as it stands now, someone else is going to have to set up the icon set on a different OS, and probably fix the issue for me, because I don't have access to a computer that can do this effectively.
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Have you tried using https://www.getpaint.net/ to sort this out?
Have you tried using https://www.getpaint.net/ to sort this out?

Yes I did. I managed to get this problem fixed with the help of someone else and this program. Thanks!
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