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Hello guys! I've started learning how to make sprites using Piskels! xD It's a very helpful and simple tool for newbies, by the way. :) And I've also started making some silly sketches that I hope you'll like! ^_^ Enjoy! :D


Klein, the main character of Rave Heart. :)

Ellemine, the Empathic Princess.

Chad, the Human Prince.

Veronica, the Witch bar-owner/Waitress.

Sola, the Feline Gunner.


Rave Heart cast sketch:

"Meteors at dawn":

"Dreaming free":

"Waiting on the other side":

Thanks for checking out my official spriting/art thread! Hope to have more soon! ^_^
Hello guys! Here's an update of Klein's animated battler! xD

I have done his attack anims overnight (Fheww, it was kinda stressful. xD )
I'm currently working on the animated battler sprite for Ellemine, the Empathic Princess of Rave Heart. xD

Creating her silhouette is already very challenging, how much more doing her animations x(((
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Looking good, Starmage! I can't even fathom the work involved with pixel art and animation.
Hi InfectionFiles! Thank you so much! ^__^ Yeah, pixel art can indeed be very tedious >.<. Which is why I hope to become better at it soon. xD


Here's Ellemine's Idle sprite so far. xD
Here's an update for Ellemine along with her new anims:

A bonus too: Idle sprite for Chad, the Human Prince from Rave Heart:

So far, Chad's silhouette was the simplest to make for me, thankfully, he didn't have any other significant details and he has short hair. xD


I have updated both Ellemine and Chad's idle sprites. xD

Hello guys! Here's another update! xDD

Ellemine updated along with her animations:

Chad updated along with his animations:

And a WIP of Veronica, the Witch bar-owner/Waitress from Rave Heart:

Feedback is always welcome! xD


Here's Veronica's Idle sprite so far. ^_^


I have now updated Veronica with some animations, as well as some improvisations with Chad's. :)

During some animations, perhaps change more of the outline pixels. On Veronica's idle pose it looks as though her hair is stuck to a wall, like on the left side. The other poses all pixels of the hair are moving so it's not an issue.

Some of the others have just a few pixels that never seem to move during the whole animation cycle. For me, it really throws off my perception of it. Moving animations probably wouldn't be bad, but idle poses would be noticeable. Especially after putting time into a game, you are looking at the same graphics over and over. You eventually notice the dead pixels :P

Cool work so far!
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
Why do people make idle sprites bounce and wobble like this?
@suzy_cheesedreams - Thank you so much, suzy_cheesedreams! ^_^ xD

@Link2112 - Wow, thank you so much for noticing that, you're right, the left part of her hair as well the other animations do need some motion! xD I'll work into it! ^_^ Thank you so much, Link2112. :)

@LockeZ - Their idle sprites are actually inspired by RM2k3's side-view chars RTP, which makes them bounce and wobble. xDD But yeah, I do wonder why doing that to sprites is fun? XD
Also, in her idle pose, look at the bottom row of pixels on her red bow tie. They don't move at all. That one really makes my brain twitch haha I can't see anything else when I stare at her.
Now that you mention, I'll also work on that, Link2112! xDD Thanks so much for pointing that out! ^_^ Hmm, here's to hoping I don't screw up some of the pixels while doing this. xD


Here's an update of Veronica's Idle sprite:

I tried making some pixels on her hair and bow-tie move without ruining nearby pixels too much, hope I didn't make it worst. xDD

Here's a WIP for Sola, the Feline Gunner from Rave Heart:

I still am not quite sure about this. I feel like there could be an anatomical error somewhere. xP


Here's Sola's Idle sprite so far. xD
Hmmmmm, you might have made it worse haha The hair still looks the same on the left side and the bow tie shouldn't really bounce like that. You've traded un-moving pixel issue with unrealistic movement issue. A small bow tie like that would likely not show any kind of movement ever. So if you move some if it, better move it all.

The motion of the bow tie wasn't an issue, you just have to make the bottom pixels move with the rest of it. That should fix that. And the hair, I don't know how you are doing your animations from one frame to the next. But it seems like you might be using a selection tool, selecting various sections of the same piece(like the top of the hair and the bottom of the hair, but not the middle of the hair, for example), and moving it over a bit to show movement. Leaving small bits in the original position, which during the animation, appear to be frozen in place, because they haven't been moved or altered at all.

I highlighted in red the part of the hair that still isn't moving.

And on the right is how I might solve it, take that piece that isn't moving and slide it over. Then smooth out the line with the rest of the hair, and see how it looks. The movement of it might look like crap though, so it's something you will have to test and play with until it looks good. Or accept the un-moving pixels. Your choice.

I would imagine that if you tried to fix every little thing like that, you would go mad and never finish. So I wouldn't stress over it too much, just focus on the ones that really stand out.

For example, the new sprite, the top right corner of her ear is doing it. Looks like the tip of her ear is stapled to the wall. It's really minor and most people might not even notice or care. I tend to be really picky about stuff.
I knew I have made it worst somehow! XPPP But wow! Thank you so much for the detailed pointers, Link_2112. xDD This is really helpful! :D

I'm going to work on the sprites now and keep what you said in mind. (Hopefully, I wouldn't mess it up again, somehow). Also, good find on Sola's top right ear corner. xD


I tried working on their animations a bit. Here they are. xD

I am glad to hear that, Link_2112! Thank you so much! ^_^ XD
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I have zero experience with this stuff, but I think these look pretty great so far. I like Sola's idle and Veronica whipping out that book. If the in-game sprites are smaller anyways, then I don't think the little imperfections are that noticeable.
Hello Dyluck! Thank you so much and I'm glad that you liked them so far! ^_^

Btw, this is how they're gonna look in-game. :)
So I guess you're right, it might not be noticeable. xD Still, I gotta work on polishing them if I even dream of becoming a good spriter. xDD

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