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I was harassed by my kids for years to try out my hand at making some kind of game, since my day job has me as a code-monkey for different things and an occasional dash of writing in it. Then, my friends got in on the act.

So, sometime last year I picked up RPGMaker MV and VX Ace, and had a new hobby - lurking the how-to forums. I made something to show my friends... Then, I wanted to make something a little bigger than that, and the RMW birthday is up at the right time. I'm going to be asking a few questions between now and the eleventh, since I've got a demo almost ready to roll and a few maps to share :)

(Seriously, nobody snatched up THIS name?!!?)
Your mom is a hero
We arent terribly creative with our usernames. Some of us are so lame that we use our real names
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
My name is literally what my game is called with an added Files as if there was going to be some long lasting series of completed games.

But yes, we are all failsauce metaphorically speaking.

Welcome to RMN!
Thanks for the welcome! I hope to have a project page up sometime soon to get a release out. I am a bit concerned about how to do the maps, so it will be correct. I guess it's a matter of finding the right topic to put it under. Certainly glad to have finally signed up on the site.
Future Ruler of Gam Mak
Welcome here my friend, do gam mak with passion and you will not fail, probably. As for the name thing, you'll find that as Kentona the allmighty owner of the site says, plenty of us aren't that creative with them and just use our real name.

Hope you can enjoy your stay here and hopefully you can learn lots!
Thanks a ton OzzyTheOne, I'll put forth my best effort to do gam mak! I think I've succeeded in making a demo (here) and a map-demo for RMW. I think.

Anyway, I really appreciate the kind words of support. It looks like the fine folks here are really helpful, and I'll probably have some n00b question or another once I've exhausted all of my Google-Fu powers.
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