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Hello. I hope someone can give some useful advice.

I am working on a project and wanted to send out a first demo to my friends, to see what can be improved and whatnot.

Now apparently the very FIRST thing that must be improved is RPGmaker MV itself - as for some reason apparently the deployment itself breaks parts of the game.

Players could start the game and walk around - but when they got to the first fight ( combat screen ) - it's black out and error message.
Now the error message states it can't find picture XX - however as that very combat was playable 1 second before deploying, I find that hard to believe. Everything IS in there.

Now all that happened when I Deployed for :
Windows, exclude unused files and Encrypted Image files.

Next I tested different methods like deploy for Web Browsers.
deploy without excluding unused files - and even deploy non -encrypted.
If deployed non -encrypted, for web browser the combat works.

However testers reported unusual lag - spikes and even strange audio glitches. (?!)

And even if those were explainable - RMMV should be able to slim down the deployment and encrypt the original files, no? Mine are (as usual) all self made


It also runs a handful of custom plugins in the battle screen.
One of them requires a separate folder with battler images, in the img section. Could that mess up the deployment? I don't know...
Resident Nonexistence
'Exclude Unused Files' tends to ignore what scripts want unless explicitly stated via some method I've forgotten, IIRC

Can't comment on the encryption stuff, that's beyond me
Hey, thank you.
At least that would explain it.
What a bother, hahh...
I hope our coder finds a solution.
If not, I guess it can't be helped.
Resident Nonexistence
A quick-n-dirty solution would be to deploy with the exclude flag checked and then copy over the script assets manually if nothing else turns up.

ALSO, the script assets stuff is actually noted in the help docs (hit F1) under Documentation > Plugin Configuration but the skinny is to use

* @requiredAssets img/example/image_1

in the plugin's comment block to mark what images it needs. If you're using a bunch of loose scripts (or Script events) then you could put all of those functions in a plugin and just call functions via Script event to get it work, I'd think
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