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This is for the non official version using the pics in battle patch. So I have some pictures being displayed during battle, namely bars under the ATB bars that show an additional resource system that I created. However, there's no way to erase those pictures until the game shifts back to the field from the battle scene. Is there any way at all to trigger events when all enemies are dead or something similar, or heck, even a better way would be some way to stop the bottom battle menu from disappearing when a battle ends?
I'm not 100% sure if I follow you here (particularly because I've never used the pics in battle patch). Here is what I understand is happening, and correct me if I am wrong:

You show some pictures in battle.
When the battle ends normally, those pictures hang around until you reach the map, which looks weird.
You'd like to have those pictures hide immediately following the death of the last enemy.

If I'm correct on this, the only way I know to trigger scripts following the death of an enemy is to increase the enemy's HP total by 10,000, and then check if their HP falls below 10,000. If so, kill the enemy and then run the script. This would be a bit problematic to implement if you have an existing game, but if it's a new game you can setup the script in advance and just copy/paste for all battle groups.
Ah, I see. Thanks for the advice. I actually ditched the bars idea because they hang around even when battle sub menus are opened, and it looks ugly.
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