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Hi there. I need help to do battler for my game. I use RPG Maker MV. Its about 8 characters. I know its a lots of work but i take a way to do it by myself. Thanks for future help.

( im sorry for my bad english but im french xD )

Its 3 of them, just for know its possible or not.
I lost my arms in a tragic chibi accident
People need more detail. What kind of battlers? SV battle graphics for players? cus you can get those in the generator.

Style? Format? People need to know what the heck you want before they can do anything.
Oh, ok. Well its static battler like a picture, not sv battle. The first one use sword, the female use staff and is sorcerer and the last use katana. Its like ennemy battler we found in basic picture in the game. I dont know if its clear, hard in english but french community are not kind like you xD

Its all hero of my game, i have already 5 and 6 so its for the others.
So to clarify, you would like RTP-styled monster graphics for those characters? Like the normal monsters that come with the engine? Side-facing?
Yeah, i wish have all 6 characters like this :

But with my skin. Its for my menu and picture on my battle game.
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