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my greatness is just something you all have to contend with
only 90s kids will like this admin
Ant Man took down Solo and The Meg edged out Mamma Mia! That should upend some lists (like mine). How did this all play out in the end?

0 Avengers: Infinity War BV $678,781,267 4,474 $257,698,183 4,474 4/27
1 Incredibles 2 BV $602,579,381 4,410 $182,687,905 4,410 6/15 -
2 Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Uni. $415,210,470 4,485 $148,024,610 4,475 6/22 -
3 Deadpool 2 Fox $318,454,369 4,349 $125,507,153 4,349 5/18 -
4 Ant-Man and the Wasp BV $213,977,857 4,206 $75,812,205 4,206 7/6 -
5 Solo: A Star Wars Story BV $213,706,487 4,381 $84,420,489 4,381 5/25 -
6 Mission: Impossible - Fallout Par. $206,661,700 4,395 $61,236,534 4,386 7/27 -
7 Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation Sony $162,844,423 4,267 $44,076,225 4,267 7/13 -
8 Ocean's 8 WB $139,211,301 4,145 $41,607,378 4,145 6/8 -
9 The Meg WB $123,802,883 4,118 $45,402,195 4,118 8/10 -

10 Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again Uni. $118,120,770 3,514 $34,952,180 3,317 7/20 -
Yeah there was some holiday on Monday in the US which means the Summer Movie Wager is over.

Give it another week and Crazy Rich Asians would overtake Mamma Mia. And give it more than that and Crazy Rich Asians might beat The Meg or even Ocean's 8.

But alas it ends here and the results are as follows with point changes from last time in brackets:
1. kentona, 65 points (-4)
2. Shinan, 63 points (-3)
3. Dyhalto (+/-0) & kory_toombs (+1), 60 points
5. KrimsonKatt, 58 points (-4)
6. pianotm, 57 points (+1)
7. Cap_h, 56 points (-5)
8. ModeGone, 34 points (+/-0)

So for the second time in a row kentona is the master of movies. Tell me if you want a prize and what kind of prize you'd like.

I will say our top scores have gone up, in the first year the winner got 44 points, last year 51 points. Of course a lot of it is because we all knew Infinity War would be #1 and thus everyone got 13 points.

But I also feel like this summer was mostly predictable. The only non-sequel/spinoff movie was The Meg, and that barely made it to the list.

The only real upset (that upset me at least because I would have won otherwise) was the Solo flop. The fact that even Ant-Man overtake it there at the end. So sad. But that's just because I love my Star Wars and it's not like 200m is a bad number. But I guess it's a bad Star Wars number.

And when all of these theatrical runs are over I think the list might still look a bit different. MI6 is going to overtake Solo and probably even Ant-Man. Crazy Rich Asians is definitely hitting the list, the question is if it's The Meg or Ocean's 8 that drops out it.

But it was an exciting summer. Now time to look forward to the Fall movies :D
I guess my guesses are still too European.
only 90s kids will like this admin
From my vantage point high above and looking down at the USA, I have unparalleled insight into their behemoth movie business.

and yes, it was Labor Day in the USA on Monday, and Labour Day in Canada on Monday.