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So... i want to know opinions of people regarding this topic...
What do you think of playing as a boss in a RPG?
I had a crazy idea of making Ghaleon of Lunar 2 as a playable character.
As you can see in this screenshot, the boss (the one in the left) is what i want to make playable:
I know he is big compared to normal characters, i had plans to make a "chibi" version of him for battles, but i suck at pixel art stuff...
So anyway, let me know your opinions!
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It's quite a fun idea and always pretty cool to be the bad guy for once. Umbral Soul was a featured game on the site and that had the whole "play as the boss bad guys" premise.

And yes, choosing Ghaleon makes sense considering your username. :P
Indeed... im bored of the "hero must save the world" thing in all games; I got inspired at first by the Evil Mode of Lord of the Rings: The Third Age for PS2, were you played as the enemies and bosses.
Maybe i will implement this idea as an extra like said game.
And yeah, i love Ghaleon haha, my fav character ever.
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I don't know about playing as a "boss", per say, but, I did play Dungeon Keeper. That was more an RTS game with tower defense mechanics than an RPG, though. I think there was a way to "level up" your creatures, either via a training grounds, or other method, depending on the type of creature? My memory is a tad fuzzy here.
I don`t know about Dungeon Keeper, but my idea was to make a normally non-playable character into a fully playable one. My concern is that he looks way too big for a playable character, unless i do a "small" version of Ghaleon and done... (im very bad for pixel art stuff)
I've done this two times. The second time, I basically had an OP character that couldn't level, but the first time it was a squishy wizard. I basically had to give him a ton of gear and status effects to give him an edge.

The key principle to this is reversing the standard challenge, making your villain basically own the combat. If the villain fails in their quest, you can even give special (strange) gameover like this one.

To be fair, this is hard to get.
What do you prefer: solo or party boss battles? I usually try to boost my boss-type stats of the character "converted" into a boss (when I'm ready to spend hours on this task after my proessays homework is done). Do you like to balance player characters to function as bosses?

You just need to preserve the character's consistency. I prefer solo battles. My favorite rpgs are Star Ocean, Emerald and Ruby Weapon, Mythender and Savage Worlds.
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