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Hey...not sure if this is more a suggestion or a general question...but where would someone post review videos? Not 'my opinions of the game as I LP it' but an actual scripted review video?

I know there is the review section of the game's page, but if I post one there that is just a video, will it show up as new media, like if I were to post a LP or something?

Just want to make sure I am posting in the proper place, for the most exposure.
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If you submit a video as a review, it should fall under halibabica's preview. If it goes through, it would count as a review, and grant 50 MS to you, and may affect the MS the game is worth, depending on how much the average score changes from that review. A thing to keep in mind about reviews is that they have a minimum length requirement of 300 words. I seem to recall one suggestion (possibly by Liberty?) being that a summary of the content of the video would assist with the word-count.

To compare, if you submit a video as a media submission, it would probably fall under Liberty's preview. If that goes through, it would count as a media submission (go figure!), and grant 30 MS for you. It would have no effect on how much MS the game is worth, as far as I am aware.
Excellent...thanks for helping to clear that up a bit!
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