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i have a game i am working on where i want a custom growth system. each character have multiple classes and i want stat growth to be dependent on class. mage have lots of magic but when changer to warrior, magic transfers to become attack while attack transfers into magic. magic costs more for a warrior to upgrade while attack costs more for a mage to upgrade. that is my idea anyway. anybody know of a script that can help me accomplish that or some other growth system i could try?
There maybe be also these whose are high Defence or something...

I donĀ“t remeber at Clases self get (points) and Clases change ... only what it CAN use?

RPGBOSS was Clases different points... but what youre mean Costs more?
Are youre meen it lost?

Maybe you have do that at items? But it not what you wanna :( .
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Stats are already dependent on what class a character has in VX Ace? However, the point about certain stats "costing more" to upgrade for certain classes, I'm not 100% sure. I keep thinking about the JP script, but, that's for skills, not stats! ;_;
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