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RMN sex symbol
Fave: Thinking up a cool idea & wanting to make it a reality.

Less fave: Actually making it haha
"It's frustrating because - as much as Corf is otherwise an irredeemable person - his 2k/3 mapping is on point." ~ psy_wombats
I think if we were all honest with ourselves, that would be the answer we'd give. I'm known for my mapping, but would I rather be doing that or writing the story in the background? If I don't have a map, I can't implement the story because there aren't yet events and settings with which to showcase the story.

It's taken me years to come up with what I want out of this one section alone and I still haven't made the maps, nor have I any scraps or drafts upon which to improve and solidify a final design. What?

If I just mak for the sak of mak, then obviously I could crank out a gam in a week or two... buuuuut when it's something I want to get just. right., that's when it takes forever.
I love mapping and working on tilesets while I map. I also like sprite editing (and, recently, making new sprites from scratch). It's weird, I normally am ambivalent toward database stuff, but if I'm in the mood I love it.

Placing treasure is up there, too, although I like mapping in hiding spots more than I care about placing the actual treasure if I'm being honest.

My least favourite thing is eventing/cutscenes. I'm really bad at programming and eventing inside of RM2k3, and it just makes me want to pull my hair out. Of course, when something does come together it's pretty swell, but that happens so rarely!

It's funny; I'm a writer by trade, but writing for my game isn't something I care about that much. Maybe because I front-loaded the planning and I haven't done it in so long? Who knows!
I love mapping really. Overall its enjoyable after you've made a plan to get so and so maps done then you really get in the zone. I love working on battle testing as well. I would say I also enjoy giving the game a play-through and test after completing a large section of it to see if its enjoyable and to know the difficulty level of it.

Creating cutscenes is also enjoyable and so is eventing in general. But I would have to say they get boring at times. At times when I am not in the mood I do dislike doing them. Not the writing so much, more of the implementation of it into the game as I plan out cut-scenes first after jotting what will happen and what will be said on Word. Other than that there isn't really much I hate about RPG Maker. Its a really fun tool to use but like any other development tool out there it does get tiring at times.
I like everything that isnt balancing the games combat so im always going to either have no combat or easy combat.
Best parts:
-Making skill sets
-Balancing combat

Worst parts:
-Fucking around with plugins, only to find out it breaks something and unable to do anything about it because I know zero scripting.
I guess I like making up cut scenes a lot, very extensive cut scenes, that often take me weeks to finish, with a lot of custom graphics.
That's what I like most.... I like almost all the other parts like mapping etc. too.
What I dont like is creating NPCs. At least I by now have a library with different cloths, so I don't have to pixel every one of them all the way through. Still it's hard for me, thinking of an interesting conversation a character and a NPC could have. ^^
My games focus mainly on gameplay, and from that you can already guess that creating gameplay elements is certainly the most fun for me. This is also the aspect of game making where you see the fastest results. Planning and implementing game sequences, level design and graphic displays (GUI) is also a thing I enjoy doing. Mapping, on the other hand, is such a evil thing that I don't like at all. xD

Probably spriting and scripting. As I'm not good at either. Im still learning Python and I just lack the focus or patience for spriting (not to mention precision).
I like everything that isnt balancing the games combat so im always going to either have no combat or easy combat.

Or you could get someone to help you with that.

It's funny; I'm a writer by trade-snip-


I love mapping really. Overall its enjoyable after you've made a plan to get so and so maps done then you really get in the zone.

I've gotta partner up with one of you guys that actually enjoys mapping one of these days.
For me, mapping is kinda fun, because I make chipsets myself. I know how they work and what the stuff was meant for. And it's a pretty nice expierience to finally create a map with what you've been working on for days. Sometimes it's of course a bit anoying, cause tiles can be puzzle-like.
But if I feel some element is missing, I'd just add it.
I love designing battle systems and character growth systems. I also like dungeon designing and balancing (usually monster stat, skill and behavior editing as well as building battle formations).

My least favorite part is writing dialogues and creating graphics.
Favorite part?
When your code finally does what you command it to do!

Least favorite part?
Hate doing backgrounds tbh, they take too long and I always come up with methods that make them take too long. Though I think I just hate the length it takes more than anything.
I see absolutely no appeal in making battle animations. Maybe if I could sprite or had any artistic talent I might enjoy making crazy cool and imaginative attacks - but I don't.

Nothing feels more like punishment than finding a sprite sheet, compiling an animation frame by frame, changing the sizes and transparencies, choosing all the sound effects and flashes, only to watch it back in disappointment with the sheer depression of knowing you have to do this for every ability in the game.

Also, yes I am a snob and can't bring myself to use the default animations. I am my own worst enemy.
I think my least favourite part is mapping/designing characters/dialog ect which works out well for me because my main project is procedurally generated so most of everything(down to even the weapons and basic herbs are randomly generated)

I get bored with spriting quickly which is unfortunate because my game is 3D with 2D sprites so that's 8 directions for every character.

I love programming systems. I'm currently trying to write a magic system that will work like a programming system to program your own spells in game.
I have fun with pretty much all parts of game development, really, though it sometimes depends on my mood.

Mapping large cities/towns can feel tedious at times, I suppose. Very worth it when I get them done of course, but making a city feel alive and vibrant can be a loooot of work, lol. That's what breaks in-between are for, though. Heh.
Most favorite: Battle animating and statistics to enemies and heroes.
Least favorite: Working on a game for 4-5+ years... >_>;;;;
My favorite part is coming up with ideas. My least favorite part is the state of the industry today from oblivious corporations to the greedy melodrama of indie developers to gamer culture and streaming.

In 2006, something changed. Gaming just ain't gaming anymore, for me.

My favorite part, so far: Pixel art. My least favorite part: Autotiles.
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