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The name's CatmanFan, and I'm actually not new here, I'm back under a different account. My old one is named "HassanLechkar", and the link's here.
(Whatever you do please don't merge the old account with my new one just please don't. I need to keep it safe because OCD)

Anyway, I'm currently developing a Windows Vista port for RM2K3 (the RPG Advocate translation, not the official English one), and I've already released a few screenshot collages on my DeviantArt account (name over there is also "HassanLechkar" lol). I already did like millions of other RPG Maker projects before, mostly RM2K3 and RM2K, but then I just lost interest in one after the other and focused on some other things. I still have them on my hard drive, but I would advise a cringe warning if I would ever release them. XD

Alrighty, hope you can say hi (again) now that I'm online. Cya
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We do not merge accounts, as multiple accounts are not allowed in the first place. Though, depending on your intentions, we could permaban the old account? Probably should talk to Liberty or kentona about that.
Yeah, we don't allow more than one account so one of them is going to have to go. PM me which you'd prefer to be permabanned.
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