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Hello! I'm not gonna bother with introductions, and just jump into this.

I'm looking for someone to make me a plugin. I'll pay for the service. The plugin, in essence, would allow the player to take the skills they've learned, and merge them together.

For example. Jimmy knows Fireball and Tornado. He opens the menu, goes into the plugin's section, and combines the two spells. Now, when in combat, he does not have access to Fireball or Tornado, and instead has Flame Tornado. Something like that. The spells can be un-combined whenever, but the process of merging/un-merging can only occur outside of combat.

If this sounds like something you're up for, or, if you know of a plugin that replicates this, please let me know! I've had no luck finding a plugin like this, but I've also had moments where I looked for something I was literally holding, so... It's entirely possible I just missed something. Thanks! :)
Why do people always resort to plugins?

Make a custom menu, or shop, or some other means to combine spells. Do you want to combine spells? Yes. Choose first spell. Switch Fireball switch on. Second spell. Switch Tornado on. Check for switches. It sees they are both on, remove those two spells, add a new, shut off switches.

The only reason you would need a plugin is if you were kinda building in the process so any spell, could be merged. But I imagine that would require you name new spells, because I don't think and internal merge would work for naming. Correction: also if it's part of the menu itself. But basically, yeah.

Plugins should really be for "2k3 can't check whether a monster has a certain condition, help with that" or "I need sidescrolling for battle because they don't have past about 2k3" not "Woe is me, I could learn a simple code but I don't FEEL like it, DO IT FOR ME." I know ppl like these prebuilt things, but serious, it's simple.

<> Msg: Welcome to the magic splice shop. You wana combine spells?
<> Choice: Yes/No
(Here you could make a custom menu, but this is choices instead)
<> Yes- Label 1
<>Msg: What Element?
<> Choice: Fire/Water/Earth/Wind
<> Fire- Msg: Which spell from Fire list?
<> Choice: FlameArrow/Fireball/OmegaFireDeathBeam/FireSword
<> Fireball - If Fireball spell Possessed
<> Switch, Fireball ON
<> Else
<> Msg: Sorry pick another spell!
<> Goto Label 1
<> Msg: Pick second spell
<> (Same for tornado)
<> Combining spells...
<> If Fireball is ON
<> If Tornado is ON
<> Remove Skill: Fireball
<> Remove Skill: Tornado
<> Add Skill: FireTornado
I might have to settle for something like this. But as it stands, I'm looking for something to allow the combination of spells directly from the player's menu. Not a shop or NPC, or anything like that.

Then you will need a plugin. But it will probably wind up similar to this, only using script to run from the menu. Good luck!

Alternatively, you could make a skill that turns on a switch. Call it (Combine) then place it above the others.

Make like a Auto or Parallel is the COMBINE Switch is ON, then do the same from the menu using that skill.

If it's a menu command though (you know, like save or quit or equip), you will need a script though.
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