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Hello, fellow RPGM world. I go by Crono or Cronoblazer. Both have been my aliases for around 20 years. In mmos and out. I have been working with rpg maker since Rpg98. Have started and restarted maybe 50 games. Some getting rather large in size. I'm now in my 30s and ready to start posting about my current project, past projects, experience and , hopefully, my up and coming games. I look forward to sharing my knowledge of the RPG maker genre with everyone.
Woot, another oldie! Welcome Crono~ Mak gam and have fun!
@Liberty, thank you for the reply. Yeah I'm an oldie lol. I plan to do my part showing these young'ens, a few things I've learned lol. I'm posting from my phone tonight (2:50am) right now. But I'll try to upload what I can tomorrow from my pc. Stay tuned for my progress on my newest game.
I would like to know what's game all about already, Chrono. Which version of the maker are you gonna work with this time?
@kyonides, currently working in MV and Ace as well. Ace has a half completed game. Around 6 hours of game play time. With about 10hr with all side quests and hidden stuff. It's my game I work on in between games on MV. On MV I'm working on my Largest game so far. I'll be uploading details and progression for my MV game " Sanc'ta " later today. Maybe 8 hours or so. It's 6am here and haven't slept yet lol.
Just keep in mind that RMN works a bit differently to other RPG Maker forums when it comes to making pages for games. To put your game on the site hover over Submissions in the top black bar and click on Submit Game. You then need to follow the prompts and fill in the form. After that add 3 or more images of your game (gameplay images of maps and in-game content), then it will be submitted to the queue to be checked that it meets site rules and standards.

It can take up to a week to get an answer back (usually Sundays, though I've been known to check during the week as well), and you'll either have your game accepted or get a notice telling you what needs fixing to get it accepted.
@Liberty, thank you for the info. I was actually just looking through the threads/forums to see how I went about submitting games or offering help on storyline and plots. I haven't submitted games or anything before. Still a little new to being apart of online forums.
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
Welcome to RMN! ^.^
@InfectionFiles thanks glad to be apart of the RMN. Looking forward to contributing to such a great site.Stay tuned for future submissions.
Stand back. Artist at work. I paint with enthusiasm if not with talent.
Good morning Crono!

Dear me, I'd forgotten how beautiful Leene's Bell sounds!
@Mirak well good morning to you also. I'm starting to like, how pleasant RMN community is. :-)
Welcome to the fray! : D
It's a lovely place to be, gonna be honest.

I am really curious what kinds of games you have been making though. I look forward to seeing 'em on the site.
@Kylaila Thanks for the welcome.
Finishing up a few things on my game now. Working on getting some screenshots of the Opening cut scene now, along with some for the larger cities I have. My game is currently, a sci-fi, fantasy, rpg. Centered around a large war spanning 20 years. Will post more along with my game progress, with my game soon.
Cool, good luck getting everything set up smoothly!
Welcome to RMN and mak gam! I hope you can enjoy your stay here and share you knowledge and experiences with us in order for all of us to do better gam mak.

Wish ya a nice day!
So I'm working on getting a demo done for my submission. Any idea or info on how long a demo should be? I was thinking something like the first 30min or so? Would love any experienced replies. Thank you RMNW
Stand back. Artist at work. I paint with enthusiasm if not with talent.
This isn't RMNW this is just RMN.

You can submit a demo that's as long as you'd like so long as it complies with the site rules in that you must submit three screenshots that give an insight of the content of the game, and the three screenshots can't be from the same map.

The reccommended minimal lenght for a demo I've seen is of 10 minutes, but you're free to do your own thing.
Also, you do not need to have a demo for a submission. You can't actually add it to the game page until the page is accepted. Then it unlocks extras like blogs, uploads, media and being seen by the public. Until it's accepted it can't even be seen by anyone so just work on the things it asks for first.
Still working on the game. Work went into Over time. Polling 80+hrs a week. Not much time. Just wanted to let y'all know.
Well it has been over a month. What do I have to show for my work?
Well, since I asked ( lol ).
I have an approx. 45 minute demo.
Still need to finish a few things, but the demo is about an 90% complete game and bug free.
I have an evented Day, Week, Month, Year & Clock. The Hour controls if it is
Sun rise, Day, Sun set, Or night. ( Clock still needs work )
At night most people return to their homes or to the local bar.
Along with that it also activates Lights, Torches, Fires and Curtains.
I have finished more then that, but I'll have you read more about it once my
game submit is excepted and I post the demo. Look forward to hearing all of your

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