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Hello, I'm a novice game developer tinkering with RPGmaker VXAce and I know I need lots of tips, advice on this program.

About me: I have an artist background and was a former comic artist with My own Comic. After I tried out games like 'To the Moon', IB and Dreaming Mary which made me thrilled to try to make my first RPG game call Apple Fable, it will be an adventure type game(?)

The lead player will be Hazel, an energetic Wolf girl traveling with her older brother, Owain around the forest and events happen. Unlike traditional battle RPG, I want to make mine more story rich, less battles and more puzzles and character interactions; is that possible to achieve for a first game?

the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
Welcome to RMN! :)
Welcome! Have fun working your thing.

And it feels absolutely possible, a good scope even (if you make it nice n compact). It being in a forest means you don't have any world-spanning adventures (aka: too many maps/map types). Skipping battles means you can skip a LOT of the balancing and system games. You can use writing to your advantage, as long as you consider the medium you are in (which coming from comics, should work pretty well). I can also suggest to take a look at this beautiful gem, Hero Maker. Just to have an alternative approach to battle encounters.

It may still take longer than you might expect haha, but that's normal for game dev. You can do the thing!

My first game didn't have battles, but it had mini-games and lot of dialogue. Worked out just fine. It's probably easier to make, because battle takes up a lot of time to make if you don't want just the default stuff.
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Welcome to RMN!

It seems you're missing the "Share your creativity with us!" part. ;)

*Edit: I would tend to agree that excluding combat (or keeping it simple) would probably mean less overall dev-time. I suppose it depends on how deep you go with other game mechanics?

Puzzles, well, all I can do there is wish you good luck with them. I still consider myself the worst at making those, despite working on the second half of this game.
Thank you @Kylaila, oh that makes me relieved. I'm trying to take the advise to make a simple game but at first it seems the program is mainly set to do dungeon crawls. I'll definitely take a look at Hero Maker

@Marrand Haha, I'll update this post with some progress samples. I'll check your game too
I posted a concept art of the lead player character!

Trying to aim for designs that can be recognized even in sprite form(?) So far, I've also tried to use the custom defaults but its a bit limited, especially for adult males. (laugh)
Welcam, RPGMaker is def suited for adventure/puzzle games even if it's not specifically designed for it. I feel like a lot of people get their start in the RM series purely for those kind of games despite the 'RPG' label. It's especially good for anything visual-novel esque or something story heavy since text can be a lot of work on other engines.
My first game in RPG Maker was an adventure game as well, its a great genre to come to grips with what the engine can do. Your concept art looks great, cant wait to see how it translates into pixel art!
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My first game never got finished. My second one did, though. It was really crap. Not sure how it got two stars.

Anyway, good luck on yours!
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