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I'm looking for someone who'd like to design maps from assets I make in an dilapidated urban setting. I need someone to map apartments and building interiors.

I'm also looking for that person to design puzzles to solve in said locations. The game is meant to be resident-evil inspired but I'd like for the puzzles to be more complex than that. I'd ideally focus more on art and creating assets and gradually give more leeway to the game designer.

The game uses a typical point and click interface: look, take, use and use inventory.

I'm looking for someone:
-reliable who can promptly reply to emails.
-Who enjoys designing puzzles and gameplay elements.
-Who is creative and imaginative and has experience playing video games with puzzles.
-Is familiar with the resident evil franchise and its atmosphere.
-Who is good at making credible maps.
-Who has time on their hands and can respect deadlines.
-Who can manage their time according to their goals.

If you're interested, contact me through PM with your hourly fee.

Thank you for reading.
I'm going to go ahead and bump this topic. Still looking for someone to hire. Send me a private message if you're interested of you can ask questions in this topic here.
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