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Interesting, I didn't found that info.
Maybe the right lines are:
For example
I just applied the patch to my steam version of rpg maker 2003. Seemed pretty straight forward, almost too easy. Do I need to open the engine from the maniacs folder that was created within my rpg 2003 steam folder? I have done, but I don't see anything different about the engine. I'm probably missing something because I don't know much about it.
I'd first like to know how to change the fonts with maniacs, if any one can answer that too, that would be appreciated.

Can someone help me install the patch to 2K3? I think I got it from RM website not Steam if it makes a difference. I tried 2 or 3 times and don’t think I ever really got it installed.
Can someone help me install the patch to 2K3? I think I got it from RM website not Steam if it makes a difference. I tried 2 or 3 times and don’t think I ever really got it installed.

The patch is only for the steam version.
so i learned that the new "calculate hit rate" option for skills actually makes it so that it won't calculate hit rate for skills.

also it reverted my changes made to my old exe so i couldn't modify the strings,
but i found a way through ghidra and and ips patch i made :)
Edit: Figured out my original questions...

But a new one arises..

So I downloaded the Maniacs Patch and installed.. In case anyone else is wondering, 24Bit images work in game but in the editor they show up as a black screen. 32bit images glitch out all over the place.

Hopefully in the future this can be fixed?

Edit 2: Is Reshack no longer an option with Maniacs? How does one replace the glyphs now? It seems to have reverted back to the old glyphs after the patch.
Main editor show black all graphics
with 24bit, 32bit, slpha channel, etc
It's a problem.
With glyphs I think that works fine atleast with my game an a old maniacs version.
Easyrpg also support EXFONT.bmp that can be loaded
Try adding the ExFont graphics file to path \System\ (mp210519) or new folder \Font\ (mp210530 and above).

Try adding the ExFont graphics file to path \System\ (mp210519) or new folder \Font\ (mp210530 and above).


I will try this when I eventually convert it. Hopefully it works.

Not to hijack hijack here but is it possible to make the timer NOT end the battle? Has this been implemented? I had a custom .exe made however upgrading to maniacs removes such changes. This is my last obstacle lol.
Hi, I got the Maniacs Patch to work on my RPG Maker 2003 Steam version... I was wondering if I could do a custom save/load system with this patch, as I wanted to do some sort of an auto load/save thing... There ARE Save/Load commands in the patch but my dumb brain couldn't figure out how does it work or is it even the command I need for this system to work (even the instructions were slightly vague on the whole thing as it is machine translated...). I also got a few questions regarding this topic...

1. Do I require the TPC patch for the Save/Load commands to work?
2. How exactly do I install the TPC into my game, cuz so far I've seen it being said to "apply in the tool folder", like is it in the RPG Maker 2003 Maniacs files or my game's files?
3. Can someone explain a bit further on how the Save/Load/GetSaveInfo work? As I said, I'm confused and my head has been scrambling around trying to do the Save/Load system I wanted to do...

UPDATE: Nevermind, I just joined an RPG Maker 2003 Discord server and they actually helped me get the save/load function working!
Just in case anyone else is confused about that:

Put the TPC files into the path of your maniac'd RPG2003, afterwards it can be used in the event-editor by right-click or F-keys on codelines.

Noticed some problems with the maniacs patch. Careful if you want to use the patch because for now...
...for me battles don't work if I have more than ~450 heroes
...you can crash the game if you want to use pictures in battle (32bit application 2GB Ram limit?)

edit: ok turns out increasing the number of heroes with the maniac patch causes this problem to and ram usage gets quite huge...
Where is the current download to this Maniacs patch??
Hi there! Is the change Actor Faceset event command broken with the latest release? I can’t seem to get that to work. It just always reverts to the face graphic selected in the Database.
I've got an issue. I'm trying to play an ogg file in-game but it's not working. It doesn't have any error on screen, just silence. Other file types work just fine for bgm. Oddly enough, the ogg files can be played in the maniac's editor with no issues.
Any insight on why this might be the case? I'm using the 211010 version.

EDIT: I found oout the solution! turns out I forgot to convert the project itself with the utility. It works perfectly now.
For those still interested in the patch I want to warn you because to me it seems the latest version of the patch on bingshans blog seems to contain a virus according to windows defender (dunno if its a false positive but I dont think so...)
It's false positive. Btw there's bugs with the latest release.
I have maps with vehicle to use (boat)
and some tile+events X O * have another behaviour (I can't play those maps)

Official 2k3, player or old maniacs release works fine.
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