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Hey, I guess I'm enough of a newbie to be making my first post here, at least, a newbie to this site.
So, I'm CaptainCat, and I'm a game dev who constantly tries to do stuff with RPG Maker. My current project is Kirby fangame, the working title is "Kirby: Hero of Popstar" but since it's kinda generic and doesn't describe any sort of good story, I will be changing it.
I'm making the graphics all by myself, they won't ever be winning any sort of "best original graphics" award, but they work.
Here's a screencap of the debug room I built, as an example:

Them graphics are all me, yup. That sounds like I'm boasting about it, oh lawd
Also, if you look at the image URL and see "ponyfan11", that's my DeviantArt name... Oh well
I hope to grow as a game developer as I spend time on here and I hope that crummy screencap gets you even slightly excited to eventually play my Kirbo game.

See ya!
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pure of heart, dumb of ass
Heyo Captain Cat
Bring me back to the railroad track!

Please tell me people still get this reference and I'm not just being horrifically old
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