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I was about to try out Dreamaker on my project:

Apparently it dosen't work with games made in offical RM2k3. I tried with different games.
Does anyone have expirience with this?
I contacted the creator but don't expect to get an answer any soon.

However I get this error when trying to convert my maps:
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map_extract.rb:121:in `/'
map_extract.rb:121:in `separer_infos_map'
extraction.rb:102:in `separer_map_test'
extraction.rb:19:in `extraction'
extraction.rb:12:in `each'
extraction.rb:12:in `extraction'
ctl.rb:12:in `decompiler_maps'
interface.rb:82:in `interface_decompiler'
interface.rb:29:in `interface'
main.rb:127:in `run_rb'
Why would you need it? Doesn't the official 2k3 have like copy anywhere feature?
Why would you need it?

I want to extract text to have it proofread by someone.

Doesn't the official 2k3 have like copy anywhere feature?

I don't really get this sentence, sorry. You mean if the offical 2k3 has a feature like this?
The official version, I believe, allows you to at least copy stuff between 2k3 battle and common event and local event pages (allowing you to do crazy stuff like pictures in battle). I think it also if I remember correctly, allowed you to copy to 2k3 and possibly everywhere. Meaning you can just port alot of info. Also, you can actually copy paste text even without this on even old 2k3, it is just slower, because you can't filter out other stuff. But yeah, I am currently working on a novel. Old 2k3, and I'm putting lines straight into a word file, no problem. You have to edit the message, highlight, and copy, but yeah, it's doable. Just slower.

Also, I converted Girl of Dreams to official 2k3 and back again (it didn't have certain features I wanted, mainly DynRPG stuff, so I reverted). I don't remember how I did it but... It is possible to do at least a ldb and map transfer. So if you really wanted to edit, you can likely figure it out.

Any external converter thing you can just export the text. DynRPG is the bigger problem, since there's like zero support.
well, I actually got it to work.

I took an old 2k3 project made with unoffical 2k3. I copied my maps in the folder. Then I made a little change to every map in the editor.

This is suggesting DreaMaker that they are made with unoffical 2k3. Now I could convert them. But some of them still weren't working. Solution: If there is nothing important on the map, just delete it. If yes, just copy the important events to another map.

thanks anyway. I forgot that you could copy complete event code.
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