It's that time of year again, folks! Time to get your share on~

What is this?
Why, it's Secret Santa, of course!

It's a simple thing, really. Throw your name in the hat and get one in return. You are that person's Secret Santa and must keep the name secret from anyone! Then, before the due date below, you get them a present. On Christmas Eve, you will receive a gift from your own Secret Santa and happy fun times are had by all~

What counts as a present?
We usually like to keep it site-centric so stuff like reviews/media for games, short games that cater to that person's tastes, something for their game (resources/scripts/etc), something you think they'd like... that kind of thing. If you have a hard time coming up with ideas, you can ask me as an intermediary to ask them what they'd like.

If you have another idea for a gift, PM me and I'll let you know if it's fine.

So, how do you get in on this action?
Easy! Just give a holler in a comment below before the cut-off date. Simple, eh?

Rules are as follows:
- First rule of Secret Santa club. Don't talk about Secret Santa club.
- Second rule of Secret Santa club. See rule #1.
- Sign up below by leaving a comment that lets me know you're joining in.
- The cut-off date for joining is the 9th of December.
- You will have until the 22nd of December to send me via PM the gift for your Secret Santa.
- I will be posting who had whom in this thread on the 26th so don't go spilling the beans before then!
- If you suddenly need to drop out, PM me ASAP and I'll do some rearrangements. It would be preferable that you don't drop out, though.
- While it is not a requirement to have a game in order to join, it makes things a lot easier on your Secret Santa if you do. In the case that you do not have a game, put some thought into what kinds of things you like so that when asked I can give your Secret Santa a list that they can play off.
- Please make sure your gift is of a decent quality. Put some thought and/or effort into the gift.
- Please do not include illegal or pirated items in your gift. Especially pirated games. I didn't think it needed to be said, but apparently it does.

How to submit
- For video submissions, use a free-hosting video site. There's plenty out there.
- Send me the link via PM before the due date.
- For reviews and artsy stuffs, send me the text/image/etc via PM before the due date.
- Do not add your reviews, arts or videos to the site until I say so in this topic.

Santas >>> Gifted to
Santa Liberty >>> Muffle
Santa pianotm >>> coelocanth
Santa Dyluck >>> OHBmouf
Santa bicfarmer >>> Dyluck
Santa Cap_H >>> Zephire98
Santa Frogge >>> psy_wombats
Santa Starmage >>> Liberty
Santa Xurzerth/Helper ELf >>> kory_toombs
Santa Marrend >>> Cap_H
Santa Sam >>> Zakariya
Santa kory_toombs >>> Starmage
Santa lavendersiren >>> Marrend
Santa zDS >>> Mirak
Santa Fomar0153 >>> Frogge
Santa Zakariya >>> Sam
Santa Healy/Helper Elf >>> Red_Nova
Santa Seiromem >>> Archeia_Nessiah
Santa Muffle >>> Fomar0153
Santa Zephire98 >>> Healy
Santa psy_wombats >>> calunio
Santa Delsin7 >>> KrimsonKatt
Santa StormCrowHelper Elf >>> bicfarmer
Santa Zeuzio >>> Xurzerth
Santa Mirak >>> Seiromem
Santa zacheatscrackers >>> Tuomo_L
Santa Tuomo_L >>> zDS
Santa Archeia_Nessiah >>> pianotm
Santa calunio >>> Lorenze
Santa Red_Nova >>> Zeuzio
Santa KrimsonKatt >>> lavendersiren
Santa Lorenze >>> Delsin7
Santa coelocanth >>> StormCrow
Santa OHBmouf >>> zacheatscrackers

Any questions, feel free to ask~

The TM is for Totally Magical.

Send me in, coach!
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I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
Heck yis sign me the fuckā„¢ up
I would like to join. But this December is so damn busy for me... Can I join with only a 50% chance of getting something done?
Hm, I would like to gift a short game, but I'm unlikely to have time for that. So, either a nice review or a crappy fanart or maybe something entirely different.
OMG! I would love to join this ! <3 Sign me in! ^_^ Even though I don't have the talent to make up for a decent gift, I'll try >.<
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A pleasure, as always, to join.
The most beautiful user on RMN!

Sure, why not.
Though, I'm not sure what to do with someone who doesn't have a game.
I usually do LPs or Reviews.
I guess I might as well sign up. I've got plenty to give and plenty to get so why not?
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I offer my pledge once again.
I would have more makerscore If I did things.
Alrighty, let's do this!
Okay so I don't have a laptop but I have an idea of things I could do on my phone. This is my favorite annual event and I really want to be a part of it. So sign me up!