Stand back. Artist at work. I paint with enthusiasm if not with talent.
Hey Libs I know you already have plenty of helper elves but sign me up anyway, in case you want to add more variety in future SS.
Done! Merry Christmas!

If you didn't get your present, please let me know asap, or if there is an issue with the links (I had to resend some presents due to a fuck-up).

Much thanks to my Helpers this year - you guys know who you are and deserve all the cookies!

I would have more makerscore If I did things.
Oof, I don't recognize art styles so I've no idea! Imma try browsing the discord art channel and the site to see if I can find a match.

Either way, what I see is such a cute, it makes me want to polish off Idle Isle and continue work on the "sequel"! Two gifts in one! Also I'll make the faces avatars, why not.
I got a super cute Christmas present of a game that is really cute and has cameos of characters from some of my games. I was like daaaaawwww ;^;~<3

Thank you Santa~<3
I have no idea who my Secret Santa is, but the little game gift I got was pretty neat. I was surprised someone found two of my Dream-Shift characters (considering that game concept isn't fully formed yet), and I feel the characters are portrayed accurately to an extent.

In short:
10/10 Best Gift. I'm gonna wait until the 26th for the reveal to see who was my Santa.
I like the concept of the game I received. Although...
I had to double check if the gift was meant for me since I don't recognize any of the characters. But I'm guessing, I did display an unhealthy amount of liking Norse Myth and some tragedy so maybe it's more of the story?

Guessing Game
I had to go through some people's games list to even have a chance to guess. And I guess maybe it's one of this 5.

Santa Starmage (Probably???)
Santa Xurzerth (Unsure)
Santa Zakariya (Unsure)
Santa Seiromem (Probably???)
Santa StormCrow (Probably???)

Just based on the maps, the way they write (comparing game descriptions and what I can find,) and the way they used the software, I think it's Seiromem. But I could totally be wrong.

The TM is for Totally Magical.
OH! I have an amazing piece of fan art! Unfortunately, I don't recognize the style. Can't be Frogge. I know his style. Could be Marrend, but it doesn't look like his style, and plus, he worked on the game in question. I know it's not Nessy because her present took time to upload.

So, I have poured through these member profiles, and I can't really match anyone's art to this. I'm going to go out on a limb and say Zakariya. I know they're an artist, and I've seen them giving advice to Marrend and others, but I cannot see an example of their art anywhere.

Thanks, bicfarmer! I enjoyed the little game, got the sidequest certificate, and got the girl at the end. I thought for sure there would be a boss after finding the camping tent!

I also managed to solve your diabolical puzzle:
I managed to get a review from somebody that didn't seem to understand any of the higher concepts of the game they were reviewing.
Long rant below, read at your own risk:

I doubt they even realized that it was meant to be an interpretation of the transgender experience, as written by my gamedev partner (who is trans, btw). She may have been able to let it slide off (I showed her and the rest of the Fallingstar crew the review), but I feel vaguely cheated, especially considering that they didn't even listen to the soundtrack enough to realize that it wasn't generated. That music was written by our team, and I converted it into a tracker format so it would have the small filesize comparable to a large midi, but without being limited to the sound set of a midi. What I fear most is that the review will go up and will cause potential players to pass it up just because they won't want to play a game which is listed to have a variety of "technical flaws" when most of them were in fact consciously made artistic decisions which use the tools given to tell a deeper story than what can merely be read. I know I shouldn't feel like this. I know I should be thankful that I got anything at all. But I expected at least some effort on the reviewer's part.

At this point, I just hope whoever got what I made enjoys it.
"nothing can beat the power of gay"?
Id try to salvage for anything worthwhile and try to make the best of it, lav. You’re not in the wrong to be upset by a review but it is still a present after all!

I havent been able to play mine im so sad hopefully tonight
Stand back. Artist at work. I paint with enthusiasm if not with talent.
That wasn't a long rant at all, there's double-cheatery afoot!

I got this super cute present about my game Super Pantito!

It's a santa super pantito! He somehow lost his arms and legs, but he looks happy and that's all that matters!

I've no idea who could have made it though. Not even a hint.

EDIT: I'd like to thank Liberty for editing the filename of the present I made. Probably. Hopefully.
"nothing can beat the power of gay"?

I got this cute little tamagotchi game of a frog! It is very adorable and I like it. I'm gonna go ahead and guess it's either by Mirak or Fomar?



so you know how I said I was okay with a piece of fanart, review or game? My santa went and did all of them. Wow, I'm so goddamn impressed. Basically you unlock those presents by playing for a while and the first one is a cute little drawing of a frog, the second is a review of Bloody Trip and the third is a script coupon. I think this pretty much confirms it was Fomar. Thanks so much Fomar, I love these! Reading the review in a sec.

edit 2:

every single point made in this review is perfectly valid and i actually love the gameplay suggestions and somehow completely missed those dumb plot holes. glad the visuals were intriguing though!

edit 3:

my cat seems to love the game too. she keeps stepping all over the keyboard while im trying to play
Thanks, Santa.
I very much enjoyed reading the story of one of my older games and it certainly inspired me to make something new. I admire you for withstanding all the broken English too.
The style of the piece is good, full of imagination and very gentle humour, which bears a pinch of satire.

I would expect something like that from Marrend, who I know has made some written Let's Plays. Also, He's the one I would most likely suspect to choose this game over my other games.
My other guess would be Liberty.
I won the RMN 2019 Stanley Cup Playoff Pool. Now I will never stop bragging about it.

I don't understand the 3 messages I got? The hosting sight said it would end me the file.

Anyways... For the person who received my gift, I will likely also write a review in the next week or so.
Makerscore is a structural weakness.
I don't understand the 3 messages I got?

Libby messed up the coding for the messages, click the present in your messages. One of them should work and take you to your present.
Guardian Ghost of the Description Thread
Didn't expect a game, but, such is what I received! So far, I've been poking around in the editor to see if Santa left any clues as to their identity somewhere in the code, or in an event. No such luck, obviously.

Anyway, don't worry, Santa, I'll play it proper at some point today.

Speaking of, my top suspects are lavendersiren, followed by Cap_H and Muffle.

hi everyone happy holidays i really enjoy and continue to enjoy my gift! it is a multiple whammy award gift directly related to my game thank you very much and for your efforts and patience secret santa ****bows******

secret santa web comic check it out everyone its lofi, comical, satirical, and clever ******thumbs up****

using deduction and info absorbed from this topics posts alas here are my unordered blanket guess IQmultiplier activated ****prayer hands****
Santa Frogge
Santa lavendersiren
Santa Zephire98
Santa Mirak
Santa Red_Nova
Santa Cap_H
Santa Infectionfiles
Santa Fomar
Santa Liberty
Santa Marrend
2nd tier guess : maybe anyone who posted once
Got a nice little review for the current release of my game! Very good points all throughout, though come the 26th I'd like for whoever wrote it to show me a few pictures/evidence of some of the bugs they came across so I can look into them properly. The battle retry glitch in particular is surprising, as I don't recall having any issues with it myself. Apologies for any balancing issues, btw, Santa ^^;

The short description of Cole's character is p dead on btw haha :) good stuff. So overall I'm very happy with my present, I've only been back 6 months or so so I'm quite happy that I got anything! <3 I hope you all are enjoying your presents as well~
My guess is Mirak or kory_toombs
Guardian Ghost of the Description Thread
Played through what there was of the game (I took a peek in the editor just to make sure), and my suspicions towards lavendersiren have become much much stronger.