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I'm looking for a tune that I've heard in a few RPG Maker 2000/2003 games before. I don't think it's from any particular video game. The only game I can remember it was used in was Everlong. It plays in the city of Dragonoir.

Skip to 4:10 that's where it starts to play.
Like I said, I've heard it in several games on RM but I can't remember any other ones but this one. Does anyone have a copy of it? The Everlong version is modded to be at turbo speed to save space and I'm having trouble with it. Also, anyone know where exactly it is from? Thanks!
Hi there, i've had a look at the MIDI for you, converted it to high quality FLAC & MP3 & have made some edits, there's a few variations. Uploaded it for you HERE, hope it helps :)

But, if you need to use the original MIDI from Everlong instead, when setting the background music for your map set the 'tempo' to 50% this will then play the MIDI at the correct speed.
Thanks! What I was going to do was run the midi through an MP3 converter, and I didn't know how to convert and save it at regular speed.
C-gid89 are you able to upload just the midi (with normal tempo)?
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