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The rules of this challenge are as follows:
- The game must be playable in order to get the badge.
- The game must feature an owl prominently.
- The game must be made and finished within 2019.
- The game must have at least 10 minutes play time.
- The game must have an accepted game page on RMN.

You will need to send Liberty a PM when the game is completed or post a link to it in this thread. Also, feel free to share resources here too!

You will then receive an Owl badge worth 50MS.

I hereby declare this the Year of the Owl.

Owls are connected with both darkness and light - night and moon. They can symbolise magic, mystery and ancient knowledge. They are the keeper of secrets, holders of wisdom and messengers of the gods. They are silent predators, hunters of the night, seekers of lost words and guides to those who revere and respect them. Connected to death and spirits who haunt the night.

All hail the Owl.
I would have more makerscore If I did things.
Owlbears do not count, unfortunately. Owltigers and owlwolves also don't count. Owlowls do, though.
Stand back. Artist at work. I paint with enthusiasm if not with talent.
are cartoony anthro owls k?

I know who my useless info dispensary will be in my next game!
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
An owlowl, you say? So this is allowed?

I know who my useless info dispensary will be in my next game!

So... what about Anthropomorphic Owls?

I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
guys you do realize by asking you're giving libby a chance to say no

just don't ask and put it in your game and she probably won't question it while playing
I mean, anthropomorphic owls are still owls. As long as they're not, like, owls that are anthropomorphic bears.
Libby is racist against bears :<

Why, Libby? :< Why?
Is it thatbennyguy?

Edit: The owl has no relation to the bear. Just a dope owlman for inspiration.
Reminder to share owl-based resources here if you have any!
I mean, really, shouldn't owlbears at least half count?

Anyway I love owls so I am so fuckin' down for this. Should make up for last year's alpac'o'disappointment.

Hoot hoot motherfuckers I'm an owl.

I think only Frogge will get this but fuggit: THE OWLS ARE NOT WHAT THEY SEEM.


if this. is an actual screenshot. of YOUR game. about owls. and it looks THAT pro with only nine days of work? i fucking hate you lol cuz I don't think I could produce something that pretty in nine years. of course, only if.

altho why is luigi in the upper left corner?
Pretty sure that's a screenshot from a little indie game called Owlboy.
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc

@storm crow - Depsite how much i talk about Twin Peaks and literally list it as an inspiration for every single game I've make, I've never actually watched the thing. I had to google that reference.
that owl on a segway is...I don't...have words...adequate...to describe how awesome and adorable that is...my favorite part is at the end when the owl is like "fuck the police"
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