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Marrend, Wild Arms might be better suited for a written LP. Xenogears are from what I know a little too long to follow through.

Thanks and yes, Frogge. I like it so far, mostly because it's more unsettling and mysterious (and little silly) than scary. I also noticed that you added The Glass Staircase on your itch list. I hope to cover that game later this month.

Also, I'm planning on starting playing Ultima III or IV next week. That together with Silent Hill 2 probably will consume the rest of month at least in terms of bigger games. May possibly too. I will try to put some smaller under 2 hours games in between sessions, tho.
Oh boy its time for March since I forgot.

- The Conduit (Wii)
- Zone Of The Enders: The 2nd Runner (PS3)

I ended up having a lot of fun with The Conduit, it had some really creative weapons and didnt out stay its welcome.

Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner was fun at times but has some pretty uninteresting stretches of gameplay which aint great if your games only a couple hours long. The story was also a snoozefest.

I would have had more game finished last month but Sekiro came out and its taking up most of my time... though I am also playing The Last Of Us on the side.
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Marrend, Wild Arms might be better suited for a written LP. Xenogears are from what I know a little too long to follow through.

Oh, man, looking up the OSTs for those games make me really want to do both. Not simultaneously, of course, but, Darigaaz.

*Eight hour later edit: Naaaaah. I'll just play 'em.
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I eventually landed on Wild Arms 2, but, obviously, decided against doing an LP.

In other news, I must have some kind of a strategy game itch to scratch. I threw down a bit of Endless Space as well as Fantasy Empires and Chaos Overlords yesterday. To be fair, I've never completed a game of Fantasy Empires, despite the capacity to UGE save files. That remains true to this day. Chaos Overlords I've been able to complete, with the help of UGE, but, it's still a bit messy to deal with.
I'm mostly taking a break from playing games in May. I will continue slugging through Silent Hill 2, hopefully. It will be a busy month and my routine might change once again. If I got enough time, I will work on a project for Theme Roulette 2. If not, it will be all school.
Also, I made this list of released games I would like to play before the year ends. You might notice omission of castlevanias, tactics and action oriented games and focus on rm games and rpgs in general.

Big games:
!!! - priority
??? - depends on time

1. Silent Hill 2
2. Gothic
3. Gothic 2 -!!!
4. Ultima III

GBA games:

5. Metroid Fusion -???
6. Metroid: Zero Mission -???
7. Aria of Sorrow -???
8. Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis -???
9. Fire Emblem -???

Indie Games:
10. Minit
11. Gris
12. Art Sqool -!!!
13. Cope Island -!!!
14. Jimmy and The Pulsating Mass
15. The Haunted Island: A Frog Detective Game -!!!
16. Sagebrush
17. Overland -???
18. New Ice York -???
19. Fugue In Void
20. A Short Hike
21. Soma Spirits
22. Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor
23. Even the Ocean
24. Fortune 499 -???
25. Jalopy -???

Hobbyist Games:

26. A Bewitching Revolution -!!!
27. Unfamiliar Roads
28. Shooty and Catfish
29. Paradise Blue -!!!
30. Hellion
31. mura toka
32. The Sands of Voltark
33. Black Gold
34. Momo Bomber
35. Luxaren Allure

36. Lisa
37. Costume Quest

If released:
38. Anodyne 2
39. KR0 Act 5 -!!!
40. Knights and Bikes -!!!

And more new releases I guess.
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you've got some really good ones coming up! I can confirm Jimmy and Metroid Fusion are very good (though I recommend Super Metroid over Fusion if you haven't played it yet)
I downloaded some GBA roms last Christmas, so that's where I'm taking my picks from. I would start with Super Metroid and a different Castlevania entry otherwise.
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Luxaren Allure


*Edit: Oh, uh, still playing Wild Arms 2 and Xenosaga - Episode 3? Though, being in Theme Roulette 2 is probably going to mean that I'm going to gammake more than gamplay this May.
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Zero Mission is damn amazing. A powerful competitor against the mighty Super Metroid imo.
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New gams for the month include Darksiders 3 on PS4 and Final Fantasy 12 on the PS2 emulator. Given how lengthy FF12 is (it's about the same kind of 50+ hour time-sink as Suikoden 5), I will probably still play Xenosaga Episode 3 and/or Wild Arms 2 (because I still haven't finished them yet) every so often.

The last session of FF12 was attempting to figure out some inventory codes. Why go through the crap the game would have me go through to get the Zodiac Spear if I can just UGE the thing? Finding quantity was the easy part. However, this game keeps track of specific item types, and finding those was the tough part. I figured an "empty slot" would either be stored as a "0" or a "-1". What the value of a "-1" is depends on the data size, but, I figured it was stored as four bytes (effectively searching for 4,294,967,295), but, it was actually two bytes (effectively 65,535).

Not that I suspect anybody on here actually cares about such technicalities, but, there you have it.
Oops, forgot all about this thread!


Ty The Tasmanian Tiger: I ended up playing the steam release over the span of a weekend. I had the original Gamecube release but never got more than a couple stages in before losing interest. I ended up really enjoying it, its a simple platformer, pure I guess, with no minigames and other junk. Id recommend it.

Guacamelee: I blasted through Guacamelee in a single sitting, had an absolute blast, loved everything about it, I dont think I have any complaints. I look forward to playing through the second one which most people seem to think is even better.

The Last Of Us: I have had a copy of The Last of Us for years but never got around playing it for one reason or another, but I finally bit the bullet and... eh, it was okay? There was a big disconnect for me between the narrative and the gameplay and im not a fan of games that force me to slowly walk and listen to exposition. I can see why so many people love it so much but for me personally I found it pretty dull.

Army of Two: Dumb as bricks but I beat it in a couple times and found myself smiling for most of the experience. It certainly isnt an amazing game but worse ways to spend a few hours.


Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice: Im a huge fan of From Softwares titles so I was really looking forward to Sekiro. I think its a fantastic game and doesnt have much that I can personally call objectively bad, but it didnt really click with me. I love the Souls titles because of the RPG mechanics allowing for a lot of interesting character builds and the fact most are generally relatively non-linear but Sekiro drops all of that. I think the new combat system is fine but its not my sort of thing. Im happy for everyone that got to enjoy the game even if it didnt do much for me personally.

New Super Mario Bros U: I picked this up on the Wii U launch day with the system but never played it until now. I think people complaining about it being safe was pretty reasonable but the level design and flow of the game was still great so I ended up having a good time.

Saints Row The Third: Blasted through Saints Row 3 in 2 days, I like the fact its open world but you dont need to do any of the optional stuff to complete the game, its only there if you want to do it. Games super dumb but also super fun.

And thats where im up too, ive already finished 2 more games this month and im currently playing through Ara Fell but ill save my thoughts on those titles until next month. <3
I'm still on a gaming break. This one might be a long one. I might play some rm games during summer months but other than that I don't see myself playing anything.
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