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"nothing can beat the power of gay"?

Years back, they descended from the sky. Most of the population was wiped out. Those who remain live their lives in hiding from them, travelling from town to town when one becomes too dangerous to live in.

Once news of a storm looming over their current hideout surface, a woman and her elderly father must evacuate before the rain hits. However, after an unfortunate event seperates the two, the woman must now find her father within the dangerous town overrun by their deepest fears.

Why must they run from the storm?


So what's a chain game anyway?
A chain game is a game where people take turns, each creating a chapter.
In this case, I will be making the first chapter, and then someone else will get to pick it up and make a chapter, and they'll hand it to me, which I will then hand to the person that's next in line and so on.

So what is this chain game about?
The Haven Decay will be a survival horror game inspired by Silent Hill. It's not necessary that you play the Silent Hill games to join in, but it is highly recommended.

We will have action based battles rather than the traditional turn based rpg battles. Further details will be discussed later.

How will we interact?
A group discord will be created for convinience. Please make sure you have discord if you wish to join.

How exactly will this work?
I will make an introductory chapter to provide some framework and send it to the second person in line. They will continue the story and send it back to me. I will add in a boss battle and send it to the next person in line. That person will also continue the story and send it back to me so I can add another boss and send it to the next person, and so on and on.

Your spot on the list will be assigned after sign ups are finished.

When do sign ups close?
On the 22nd of january.

Engine: Rpg Maker Vx Ace
Resources: Nekura tilesets (will be shared on the group discord, do not worry if you do not own them), Mack character sprites


You will have 2 weeks to create your chapter. Extensions will not be given.
Your part should be roughly 20 minutes. A little less or a little more is fine, but try not to go too far below or above.
This should go without saying, but do not mess with other people's work.
We are aiming for a polished, consistent product. There will be a debug room where you will be able to copy paste some events like doors and such so that we don't run into issues such as one person using different locked door sound effects than another and so on. Check the debug room carefully. If your half has any inconsistencies, it will be edited.
Consistency also applies to graphics. Do not add in any resources without running it by me first. We don't want one map to have nekura tilesets only to walk into a room that's pixellated 2k3 tilesets for whatever reason. Some similar looking styles here and there, such as a few rtp tilesets in a pinch, will be allowed, but stick to nekura as much as you can! This also applies to scripts. Do not add in any scripts without asking.
Do not add in facesets! We will not be using faces.
You will be free to add to the database but you will not be allowed to remove from the database.
We will have 5 endings (Good, Good+, Bad, Bad+) and the secret ending will be a secret ending only for new game+ mode. If you want to add in anything that will affect which ending you get (Ex: choosing if you want to kill a character or not. Killing leads to bad ending and sparing leads to good ending), run it by me first!

The rest are not necessarily rules, but still some guidelines you should try to abide by.

We will have some side characters. Try to have each side character appear at least once or twice in your part. If you get a later placement, try to use previous characters instead of introducing many new ones. We want to have around 5-6 side characters in total at most.
Try not to add in more than 3 new enemy types. I will be spriting the enemies so let me know what you want them to look like. Try not to go for overly detailed designs because I am not an expert spriter.
Silent Hill games are also known for the Other World, which we will have as well. This is another dimension you can access in each area that will take you to a more distorted, rusty and bloody version of that area. Try making use of the Other World at least once in each area.
Try to have one full area in your chapter (Ex: One person makes a full hospital area, the other makes a full school area, and so on). Do not add in bosses as those will be handled by me in between each chapter.

Lastly, here are some concepts from the Silent Hill games that you should try to make use of.

Resources should be scarce. In the Silent Hill games, fighting is usually meant to be a last resort only if you really need to defend yourself. So try not to give the player too much ammo or health drinks. Try to keep maps relatively claustrophobic and not spacious. Give little space to dodge, but also don't make it impossible to dodge.
Just like Silent Hill, we want our town to be a sort of personalized hell for each characer. Try to base every enemy on a character's past.
(Ex: If the main character has stabbed someone, try having an enemy that is a deformed humanoid blob with knives impaled all over it. If a side character was bitten by a rat as a child and has been deadly afraid of them since, try having a giant rat enemy.)
Silent Hill is a game very heavy on symbolism. Try to make use of symbolism whenever you can.
Silent Hill games are usually about collecting puzzles and solving puzzles in between. Try having some puzzles in your area, even if they are very simple.
Silent Hill games take place in central towns that connect the sub areas. The sub areas are where most of the key hunting and puzzles take place. Consider these like the horror game stand in for a JRPG dungeon.


1. Frogge
2. Deckiller (second spot)
3. Fomar0153
4. Cap_H
5. Esby (requested middle spot / requested to be after darken? tf are you planning esby)
6. Muffle
7. bicfarmer
8. Darken (requested early spot)
9. psy_wombats
10. cutiesbae
11. pianotm
12. Yomi
13. AestheticGamer (requested middle/later)
14. JosephSeraph
15. HorrorBox
Makerscore is a structural weakness.
Sign me up, though can I do my own boss battle?
"nothing can beat the power of gay"?
Sign me up, though can I do my own boss battle?

Sure, I guess, since we're using your script for battles anyway.
Oh, that's kinda ambitious and very directed.

I'll join in if you get a smaller number of people signed-up than you imagined you would get, but March and April will be pretty busy for me and with this being 2 weeks for every participant, it's very likely that majority of the game will be created during them.

Or you know what, just sign me up. I can always bail out before the chain gets to me. And I still should have time to make few maps and one or two scenes.
"nothing can beat the power of gay"?
No worries, I can try to find you a spot on the list that would be suitable. You could also do a very small side area if you're gonna be too busy, that's fine by me.
sure why not.
(please put me towards the front of the line. I might have trouble if i'm towards the back)
sign me the f up

but put me in a slightly early slot, i have no idea what my schedule is going to be like after feb.
signing up for an excuse to post this again
The TM is for Totally Magical.
signing up for an excuse to post this again

Cool, thanks.
Are we sharing theme songs for our parts now? This would be mine:
I'll definitely be joining up for this. Gimme' a mid-to later segment after February if available, I'll be busy in February with my own project crunch while my artist has free time, but I should have free time in March-May. I also think my segment I am concocting in my head could work later in, I sorta' want to see what other people have come up with and going to try my hand at a really surreal and mood-focused "wrong feeling" area to try and fit in with the narrative, and focus on using some mostly original music for my segment I can whip up.

Really curious how each person's stuff comes together, should be fun to see.
"nothing can beat the power of gay"?
Discord invites have been sent out to all current participants. Please check your private messages and join the group when you can!
count me in, looking forward for fun combat and rpg mechanics woven in though

edit: I will definitely be adding my own sprites for enemies and throwing custom sprites here and there in my "chapter" but you can rest easy that they'll fit

actually because of this i think it'd be wise if i was early on the queue, so people could reuse whichever custom graphics i make XD
"nothing can beat the power of gay"?
Sure, that would actually be super handy (and I know without a doubt you’d do a better job than me jo). Sadly we don’t really have rpg mechanics, as in stats and levelling and such. I asked Fomar to keep the ABS fairly accurate to the actual Silent Hill games. Hopefully it will be fun, though!
nyah boo, but on the upside it's actually being tailored by Fomar so just that sets it apart from most other rpg maker horror titles!!!

nothing to really surpass the longing ribbon though... or cater to me as an audience, but alas, nothing is perfect
I won the RMN 2019 Stanley Cup Playoff Pool. Now I will never stop bragging about it.

What script r you running for action based battles?
"nothing can beat the power of gay"?
What script r you running for action based battles?

Fomar is making us one at the moment. We're not using a stock one.
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