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Hey, Davie is back from the Hiatus, i was just wondering who is your favorite Youtuber base on the title about? so my Favorite Youtubers are: The Rug Family,Imjaystation,DK Money,Stromedy,Jay Hills and so on and so forth so who's yours?
No idea who any of those folk are. :O

In terms of game design youtubers im into the usual suspects.
Noah Caldwell-Gervais, Game Makers Toolkit, Joseph Anderson, HBomberguy (I enjoy a lot of his videos that arent related to gaming as well) and Mathewmatosis. I enjoy more review focused channel too like Nitrorad, Thorhighheels and SomeCallMeJohnny, though im not a fan of when they tend to dip into skit comedy, that shits always embaressing.

In terms of channels I watch just for entertainment theres really only U M A M I, Jack Stauber, David Firth and Red Letter Media.

So I guess I dont really have a favorite youtuber, it seems to be a term most creators I follow find gross... I just have content creators I enjoy.
The TM is for Totally Magical.
I'm partial to Shadiversity, Skallagrim, Metatron, and Thunderf00t, and I've also been watching a lot of Matt Colville.

EDIT: Forgot to mention Alachia Queen.
My top five (in no particular order) would be:

Claudia Brown
Bruva Alfabusa
Blender Guru
In all fairness, bird shrapnel isn't as deadly as wood shrapnel
Hard to pin it to just one, so I'll break 'em into categories of the usual videos I watch...

Martial Arts and Weapons: Skallagrim
Computer Stuff: Lazy Game Reviews
Cartoon Stuff: Saberspark
Video Game Reviews: A tie between Caddicarus and Implantgames
Literary Stuff: A tie between Terrible Writing Advice and Overly Sarcastic Productions
Whatever Silliness The Creator Puts Out: Brutalmoose
Game Dev Stuff: Game Maker's Toolkit
I'm sure extra so my list is like,
Yogscast - a group of peeps who play games and engage in funny times. there's a bunch of different channels but I usually watch the main channel, Duncan, Sjin, Hannah, Tap, Live
NicoB - homegrown LPer
Swoozie - <3
Achievement Hunter - more gaming stuff
React - reactions to stuff
ERB - epic rap battles... of history!
Crit Role - dnd shiz.

Sometimes I might watch a GameGrumps vid or something random.
From my subscriptions...
Lindsay Ellis
Patrick (H) Willems
Internet Comment Etiquette with Erik
Three Arrows

And some others probably, most don't update as often as I'd like. (Every frame a painting for example :)

...j/k I have no idea i don't watch youtube for personalities - I mostly listen to music, and sometimes watch trailers. My kids play these all the time though. Also, one where there is a dad who plays games like Minecraft with his young kids, and also one where a woman opens stuff like Kinder Eggs.
I whisper my posts to a raccoon who found an old compaq presario in a dumpster. The birds sing your responses to me.


Honestly a lot of the best ones I follow have already been posted, but here's a smattering of my frankly ridiculous subscribes:

Videro Games
8-bit Music Theory- Analysis of video game music.

Clemps- Video games reviews. Decent combo of humor and opinions. Extremely sexual and weird humor.

Other Stuff
Folding Ideas- Professional video guy who loves really bad movies and video games. Slightly dry, but extremely educational and fun. Also has a very cute kitty.

Ask A Mortician- Interesting, fun, educational stuff about death and funerals

Captain Disillusion- Analyzes viral videos and shows how they can use effects trickery. Also funny.

PhilosophyTube- Absolutely stunning videos on the basics of philosophy as well as using current events to help illustrate different philosophical styles.

Jenny Nicholson- Commentary on various pop cultural stuff, esp. Disney franchises. Don't let the vlog presentation fool you: she's super fun.

Local 58- Horror vignettes generally themed around public access video

PiroPito/nana825763- He's best known for his horror, but his blind Minecraft LP is also fantastic. Highly recommend.

Nightmare Masterclass- Literary analysis of horror vids, and also some very good educational videos about the basics of criticism.

Cute Shit
Bat World Sanctuary- Cute rescued bats

Capybara Madness- Cute pet capybara

Little Adventures- Cute guinea pigs

Mol-mol Hamuse- Cute guinea pigs and hamsters
Classic Game Room used to be my jam. And it prevails to be cutting edge video journalism even now.

Something sooz showed me.

And I spend a whole lot of time on board game reviews.
Nice, I would like to check these guys out sorry for the late reply.

The names cut off on the bottom are John Michael Godier and Noah-Caldwell Gervais
I whisper my posts to a raccoon who found an old compaq presario in a dumpster. The birds sing your responses to me.
Hell yeah TREY the Explainer!

E: Haha I just checked and my sub list doesn't even escape the Cs at that length. XD
Hell yeah TREY the Explainer!

One of those channels I avoided for so long cause it sounded like your classic cynical douchebag YT boy but dang, ended up being very nice
I whisper my posts to a raccoon who found an old compaq presario in a dumpster. The birds sing your responses to me.
He's so happy to talk about paleontology! :D
The TM is for Totally Magical.
Oh, shit! I forgot to mention Alachia Queen! How on Earth could I forget her?
Oh yeah, if you like spoopy stories then there's Beyond Creepy. Combine that with the Horror Stories channel that I posted in my subscriptions up there- but this one is all paranormal, Horror Stories is real shit.
Professional Amateur
I like Cinemassacre, Pewdiepie, Squatting slav TV, Gaming historian, etc...
I don't watch Youtube that much, honestly. The old youtubers I used to watch changed a lot, due to the platform's new politics; but meh, the community developed a weird salty tendency, so there is a majority of users that talk bullshit about the big youtubers -.-
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