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Some of the skills in my game won't deal any damage at all.

Here's one, which I've made quite powerful in the hope of causing some damage, but every time it deals 0.

It's formula reads "a.atk * 5 b.def * 1". The enemy's attack power is 999, and the element is earth.

My party members don't have anything which would nullify earth attacks so I don't know why it's always ending up as nothing.

This problem has happened with other skills as well.
Can you screenshot and show us one?
Here's some images. I hope this helps. I forgot to mention this earlier but I'm using several Yanfly plugins with this project. They are

Core Engine, Battle Engine Core, BattleSysATB, CounterControl, and ElementCore. I had a suspicion that ElementCore might have been interfering, but I've just disabled it, and the problem persists.

The battle screen in the battle test mode.

The data for the skill.

The data for the enemy.

The data for the character class. (All characters roughly share the same class, with some minor modifications. E.g: Fire weakness, etc)
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"a.atk * 5 b.def * 1"

I feel like the lack of operator between the 5 and b.def might be half the issue. I think you might mean something like "a.atk*5 - b.def*1"?
Thanks for the help, Marrend. I tested it out and they got slaughtered. As expected.

My other skills have the - in them. I don't know why I overlooked it with this one.
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